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Stay the Course and Never Compromise!

In light of some of the recent posts and comments, I would like to share a few thoughts from my heart, but I want to do so by beginning with a story. Over five years ago, an unknown blogger started an unknown blog that would eventually become very well known with thousands of readers. The […]

What Are We Defending?

While the illustration has been used before, I believe it is appropriate to begin this particular post. It has been said there was a time when people applied to become a bank teller that they would have to undergo strenuous training in order to detect counterfeit monies. The training would consist of learning the difference […]

DefCon welcomes Brian Culver to the team.

I am happy to announce that Pastor Brian Culver of Time 2 Change Churches, Open the Bible, and Feed Your Spirit Ministries has joined the DefCon team in the Truth War. Please welcome him in the battle to defend truth and contend for the faith as the DefCon 6 now becomes the DefCon 7.

Happy 200,000th.

Today DefCon celebrates its 200,000th hit since its inception on April 15, 2008. Thank you all for your faithful readership and a special thank-you to the DefCon contributors for your faithful defense of the faith. To mark this milestone I’ve unveiled a new look at the request of The Desert Pastor, so if you don’t […]