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Francis the Pontiff Speaks Against the Most High

Francis the Pontiff Speaks Against the Most High   By Richard Bennett and Robert Nicholson In keeping with Pope Francis’s identity his upcoming visit to Israel is the perfect vehicle to move forward his objective.1 The unfolding of this religious drama is intended by the Papacy to present Pope Francis on the real world stage […]


By Larry DeBruyn. Bible Interpretation 101 teaches that every text without a context is pretext. Extracting Psalm 46:10 to be an endorsement of meditative-listening prayer is just such a pretext. Here’s why. After reading Ephesians 1:15-23 (lectio divina, i.e. Latin for reading sacred things) at the Passion 2012 conference, and while standing on stage with the other keynote […]

New Age vs Christianity

New Age vs Christianity   Naturalism New Age Christianity God God does not exist; belief in God results from superstition Pantheism: God is impersonal; is above good and evil; everything is God God is the triune, eternal, personal, almighty, sovereign, all-knowing, loving, just and holy Creator Metaphysics The natural order is eternal, self-sufficient and uncreated. […]

The Spirit of the Age

I was going to post this as a response to this: but decided it warrants its own post. Many people have been misled by folk about how to find out the will of God – as if He’s hidden it from us and left us to our own devices. Throughout human history, folks have neglected […]

Quotes (780)

“There are hidden perils in our life with God whenever we disobey Him. If we are not obeying God physically we experience a craving for drugs, not only physical drugs out of a bottle, but drugs in certain types of meetings and certain types of company—anything that keeps away the realisation that the habits of […]

Emergent Candy

From Sacred Sandwich: Just so you know, that’s not a Bible Rob Bell is holding in his hands. You know good and well those hands haven’t touched a Bible in years.

Rob Bell invites heretical mystic woman to speak

  Phyllis Tickle (She’s the one on the right. And yes, that’s her name, and that’s what she does to the ears) was invited to speak at a pagan shrine in Grand Rapids, MI recently. The shrine to the gods is headed by emergent guru Rob Bell, and was host to this woman who quoted all kinds of […]

Todd Bentley exposed as fraud

Unfortunately, we don’t have a category here called “News of the Obvious.” Because if we did, this would be at the top of the list. As if we needed any further proof that Todd Bentley was a liar, conniver, charlatan, false prophet, etc–in addition to the kicking, kneeing, motorcycle boots to the face, and all […]

Parents Give Away Their “Witch” Children!

Another viewpoint showing the horrifying aspects of life in Nigeria, West Africa, where parents are being so duped! These parents are willing to believe the charlatans called “bishops” or “pastors” who are regularly condemning their very children in order to make a living “exorcising demons.” The pastors are not true ministers of the Lord Jesus […]

Zero church to perform a “demonstration seance.”

Zero church is making news on DefCon again (see the previous post here). This time they are holding a “Halloween fun” service on November 1st in which the following description is provided: “Ghost” . . . More than Halloween fun, although we will have plenty of that with illusions and a demonstration seance. We ask […]

Saturday Message – Can a Christian Be a Freemason?

For the third week in a row DefCon interrupts our regularly scheduled Saturday sermon series Studies in Ephesians to bring you a message which we believe is VERY vital to all who claim to be a Christian and are also involved in Masonry. This message entitled Can a Christian Be a Freemason? was preached by […]

Becoming a God

If you’re looking for a religion that promotes the aspiration to become a god, you won’t have to look far. This seemingly popular doctrine must appeal to a basic desire of sinful men. Satan played on this desire in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3) when he convinced Adam and Eve to doubt God, who […]

Bezel333 on “The Circle of Life”

The title of the video is “Reincarnation or Resurrection?” Ever see “The Lion King?” With so much Eastern Mysticism running rampant in American churches (“The Gospel According to the Beatles,” for example) the fact that all will be resurrected–the just will be resurrected to life, the wicked will be resurrected to death. We will not […]

Bezel333 on the “Intentions” of D. Wayne Dyer

In this Age of New Age, the sound scholarship of men like Bezel333 is a welcome oasis in a desert of…yuckiness. D. Wayne Dyer, who sounds like a High Priest in the Church of Oprah, teaches a mushy-gushy, “You are everything” type of religion–kind of like the “prosperity ‘gospel’”.

Oprah Winfrey’s necromancy

Isaiah 8:19-20–And when they say to you, “Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter,” should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there […]

Was Hitler a Hindu?

Interestingly, there are many similarities between Hitler’s beliefs and Hinduism. Hitler Hinduism People of Aryan descent are a more pure race. Society is divided into castes, and the higher castes are expected to have lighter skin. The term “Aryan” comes from Hinduism. Humanity can be bred to become a master race. Through yoga and many […]

Todd Bentley’s disturbing account of his demonic visitation.

This two-part video is the best examination I’ve seen of Todd Bentley thus far. And one of the most disturbing! I encourage all believers to watch this video, especially those who are following the pied pipings of Bentley. This video is of Bentley recounting his experience he claims he had with beings that he calls […]

Code-pink protesters resorting to Witchcraft at rallies.

The anti-war group Code-Pink is now using Witchcraft at its rallies. See the Fox News report here.

Crosstalk: The Rise of Witchcraft in America.

Ingrid Schlueter interviews David Kupelian on the The Rise of Witchcraft in America. Click on the link to listen streaming, or right click on the link and click “Save As” (Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As” (Mozilla) to save to your computer. From there you can burn this to a CD or upload it to […]

Two children strangled and stabbed to death in pagan ritual.

This is an unbelievable story out of Iowa of two young girls (eight-year-old Alysha, and ten-year-old Kendra) who were strangled and stabbed to death by their own stepfather (a self-professed pagan) in an occult ritual that went bad. Read the articles on this sad story from the Sioux City Journal below: January 8th article: Two […]

Sylvia Browne: Oops she did it again.

I always feel kind of embarrassed for those who turn out to be frauds after claiming to be something they’re not (like Joseph Smith). In the following five short videos you’ll see world-renowned fraud psychic Sylvia Browne make terrible assumptions. The only thing sadder than the fact that the people in these videos sought out […]

Bookstore uses occult practices for children to celebrate the latest release of Harry Potter.

Haven’t we always been told that Harry Potter is simply make-believe and will never entice kids to actually pursue the occult? That reading the Potter books would never lead children to dabble in witchcraft, paganism, Satanism or other occult practices? Well apparently this bookstore didn’t get the memo.

Using Harry Potter to promote Christianity?

A church in England sees no problem with using Harry Potter in their youth group.  Why is a movie about witchcraft being used in the church? It’s simple, the youth worker of this church says Harry Potter “deals with some issues–standing up for what you believe in, love, trust–are really important for our young people […]