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Jesus didn’t care about being nice or tolerant, and neither should you

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:
There is no shortage of heresies these days. If you want to adopt some blasphemous, perverted, fun house mirror reflection of Christianity, you will find a veritable buffet of options. You can sift through all the variants and build your own little pet version of the Faith. It’s…

A True Believer in Christ – Part 3

Comes now the final chapter in this short series. I pray you have been convicted, encouraged, edified, reproofed, and drawn closer to the Lord who shed His blood to redeem those the Father chose before time as His. As I noted in my remarks on part 2, when one is healed from spiritual death by […]

A True Believer in Christ – Part 2

With so many professing Christians who, by their lives, deny the truth of the gospel, these messages are good for all! While no human is without sin until he dies or Christ returns, there is no basis for comforting a soul as being in Christ if there is NO mark of being a new creature in […]

A True Believer in Christ – Part 1

Here is another short series from Igor Shafhid, a dear brother in Christ from Russia. It is my prayer that each of us examine himself to see if we be in the faith, as the Apostle Paul exhorts to do. Brother Igor is arm-in-arm with the Apostle. Part 1 is here

Declaration of the Faith and Practice of the Church of Christ

A Baptist perspective on how to do church, from the mid-1600s. Declaration of the Faith and Practice of the Church of Christ, in Carter-Lane, Southwark, under the Pastoral Care of Dr. John Gill, Read and assented to, at the Admission of Members. HAVING been enabled, through divine grace, to give up ourselves to the Lord, […]

All Hail the Pope!

At least that’s what Rome would have ya do. Here’s more heresy from Rome, from a 19th century article. The following is taken from Ferraris’ “Ecclesiastical Dictionary” (Roman Catholic), article “Pope.” The latest edition of this book was issued from the Press of the Propaganda at Rome in 1899, which shows that it has the approval […]

Discussing Free Will – Part 4

In this four-part series (audio is about an hour long), Jim McClarty and his friend Alex Franzone discuss various aspects of free will. What is it and – most importantly – what does the Bible say about it? Here’s the fourth and last part. Listen and talk among yourselves. I pray this short series has been […]

Discussing Free Will – Part 3

In this four-part series (audio is about an hour long), Jim McClarty and his friend Alex Franzone discuss various aspects of free will. What is it and – most importantly – what does the Bible say about it? Here’s part three. Part four in a few days. Listen and talk among yourselves.

Discussing Free Will – Part 2

In this four-part series (audio is about an hour long), Jim McClarty and his friend Alex Franzone discuss various aspects of free will. What is it and – most importantly – what does the Bible say about it? Here’s part two. Part three in a few days. Listen and talk among yourselves.

Discussing Free Will – Part 1

In this four-part series (audio is about an hour long), Jim McClarty and his friend Alex Franzone discuss various aspects of free will. What is it and – most importantly – what does the Bible say about it? Here’s part one. Part two in a few days. Listen and talk among yourselves.

Crucifixion Tuesday – Summary

Originally posted on Mind Renewers:
The Tuesday Before the Crucifixion This is a summary of a series of posts on “Passion Tuesday” — the Tuesday before our Lord’s crucifixion. “Whose is This Image and Superscription?” — A coin in the British Museum shows clearly that the coin the Pharisees and Herodians brought to Jesus was…

The World a Sorry Comforter

The World a Sorry Comforter George Mylne, 1871 The Preacher speaks of some who “had no comforter,” because, as we infer that they sought comfort wrongly — on earthly, and not on heavenly grounds. And so it is too often with the bereaved — people try to cure their broken hearts with human remedies, the quackery […]

A Few Sighs from Hell

John Bunyan’s pastor, John Gifford, often wrote prefaces to Bunyan’s work. In his introduction to A Few Sighs from Hell, Gifford offers the following advice to the Christian. I pray it causes the reader to pause and consider his standing before God – to be comforted and drawn near to the Savior, or be rebuked […]

Test ALL Things, Cling to that which is Good!

Each of us has doctrines we hold to without properly examining them in light of Scripture – that’s how we are wired as humans. This comes into play on this notion of Christian Sabbath keeping which was first invented by early Roman Catholics in the 6th century and codified in paedobaptists’ system of theology a […]

Twelve Things to Do In Times of Trouble

Originally posted on Mind Renewers:
I said on Sunday that Psalm 61 is an “every-trouble” Psalm.  The Psalm’s title has nothing to tell us of the circumstances that triggered it.  And David says in the second verse that he can cry to God “from the ends of the earth” — wherever he may be, whatever…

Goodbye, So Long, Farewell…Sort Of

It seems like such a short time ago that I was invited to become a contributing writer to DefCon. Pilgrim brought me on board when I was running a blog that received maybe 20-30 views per month. He blessed me with an opportunity to share with a larger audience about the necessity of Christians to […]

Still …

True, biblical love, is not self-serving. It is a gift from God, given in measure to His redeemed. Far too often, people who are married fail to grow in their love for their spouses, but continue to live for love themselves. This should not be so among the people Christ has redeemed by His blood. […]

Christianity’s Identity Crises

Christianity’s Identity Crises

Among the liberal “Christian” sites that I peruse on a daily basis is Jim Wallis’ website/magazine Sojourners.  Yes, this happy conservative Christian reads through many liberal sites daily.  It is good to stay current on those who teach a message opposite yours.  One of today’s featured articles at “Sojo” was titled: “Rob Bell, Oprah Winfrey, and Christianity’s Identity Crises.”  That […]

Cross Encounters Radio Addresses the False Teachings of Bethel “Church”

On Cross Encounters Radio, we have been setting up special broadcasts to address the false teachings of the Bethel “church” in Redding, California. Today, Tony Miano took to task the false gospel statements of senior associate pastor Chris Valloton. I highly recommend you check out the article Tony wrote in association with this broadcast, both […]

School Shooter Needed the Gospel

My heart is heavy today. As I got up and started my day, I began to see posts on Facebook that things were not well in a town near me. Sadly, a school I once attended many years ago was rocked by violence this morning. As of time I am sitting to write this, four […]

Be a Diligent Student of the Word

Approximately two months ago, I took a leave of absence from the internet. I took the month of August and devoted my time to anything BUT the internet. That was a new experience for me. I spend quite a bit of time on social media, especially since I blog and co-host a radio program. So […]

Is Homosexuality a Choice?

Those who hold to a secular, humanistic worldview have a penchant for being inconsistent. However, they are normally consistently inconsistent. Their answers have to change to suit their sinful lifestyles, and when the answers provide or offer tolerance to all (except for true believers), those answers have to change again just like the faulty science […]

“Evolution vs. God” by Ray Comfort

You may have heard the rumblings on the internet that atheists are aghast at Ray Comfort’s newest film, Evolution vs. God. Their weeping and gnashing of teeth comes with good reason for Ray kicks out the legs of their worldview with one simple question, “Can you show me evidence for Darwinian evolution that I do […]

A Defense of Credo-Baptism

I testify that baptism or dipping in water is one of the commandment of this Lord Jesus Christ. By John Clark, Physician of Rhode Island in America, 1652 That this commandment of Jesus is by way of dipping, and, as it were by drowning, overwhelming or burying in water and not by sprinkling with water, […]

This is how good God is!

Originally posted on Wretched with Todd Friel:
Chris Hohnholz:The video you are about to see is Todd Friel of Wretched Radio speaking to a group of atheist students, among others, at a college. It is part of a video titled “Wretched Worldview: Atheism – A Christian Response.” Todd gives a wonderful picture of the gospel in this video as he pleads with […]

CARM Takes on Matthew Vines

If you are not familiar with Matthew Vines, he is a pro homosexual activist who spoke at College Hill United Methodist Church in Kansas. During that speech, Mr. Vines advocated that the Bible does not condemn same sex monogamous relationships. Mr. Vines went to great lengths to redefine the very meaning of scripture as he […]

“Blessed is the man”–Psalm 1:1

There are at least 50 places in the Bible that use the word, “Blessed.” Or “Blessed be…” Psalm 128:1—Blessed is the man who fears the LORD. Matthew 11:6—“Blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.” And of course, all the Beatitudes begin with the phrase, “Blessed are…” Matthew 5:3-8—“Blessed are the poor in […]

Effective Evangelism

If you’ve ever questioned whether passing out tracts is an effective method of evangelism, I hope this picture will dispel your doubts. This youngster was handed a tract, and sat down and read it. This is not an uncommon occurrence. Living Waters is a good place to get tracts.

Are You Resisting Sanctification?

I have been noticing a pattern of sin in my life that I know has always been there, but I never really recognized it for what it was. When God redeemed and made me a new creation almost 13 years ago, He gave me a new nature. As part of that nature, God made me […]

Tragedy in My Own Neighborhood

Last week, a terrible tragedy struck in two homes just a stone’s throw from my own house. As of the writing of this article, one man is currently in custody on nineteen criminal charges, including the murder of five people. When I first heard of this terrible crime, my first thought, in fact my overriding […]