Rock of Ages

Sir Will­iam Hen­ry Wills, in a let­ter to Dean Le­froy, pub­lished in the [Lon­don] Times in June, 1898, says ‘Top­la­dy was one day over­tak­en by a thun­der­storm in Bur­ring­ton Coombe, on the edge of my prop­er­ty, Blag­don, a rocky glen run­ning up in­to the heart of the Men­dip range, and there, tak­ing shel­ter be­tween two […]

10 Ways to Hinder Growth in Worship

This is a very interesting video worth watching in regards to worship. Too many churches have gone down this path of being relevant and producing worship that is mind-numbing. In a recent ministry, it was more important to have more songs than doctrine or preaching. The preferred timing of the service is that the preaching […]

Jesus is our Hiding Place

Matthew Smith is a young musician who takes lyrics from old folk songs and hymns, modifies them if need be, and puts them to his music. Here is a wonderful hymn from a Baptist hymnal printed in 1776. Listen to this song, free, here. Then buy lots of his work. Hiding Place Against the God […]

It’s About The Cross

While many will discuss whether Christians should even participate in Christmas celebrations (which is discussion worth having) one thing thing we all agree upon is that almost 2,000 years ago Christ took on human flesh and was born into this world. The Incarnation is truly one of the greatest miracles of God. Divinity took on […]

An Open Letter to Praise Bands

Dear Praise Band, I so appreciate your willingness and desire to offer up your gifts to God in worship. I appreciate your devotion and celebrate your faithfulness–schlepping to church early, Sunday after Sunday, making time for practice mid-week, learning and writing new songs, and so much more. Like those skilled artists and artisans that God […]

When Presuppositions Lead Men Astray

This post is not to throw stones but to point out to all of us how dangerous our unexamined thoughts are. We see this in casual ways when we infer what wasn’t written or implied – such as when we read Bible passages that are very familiar. Another way is when we defend a position […]

Hey you, worship leader guy, remember that you are not a rock star.

I wanted to pass on a good article entitled “You Are Not a Rock Star, and Other Nuggets for Worship Leaders” written by Clint Archer: I use “worship leader” in the vernacular sense of the guy who leads the music. Of course, musical worship is only a smidgen of the worship that happens on Sunday. […]

Seeing the handwriting on the wall.

Two years ago I published a post about a CCM entertainer’s comments that he gave to a Roman Catholic organization in which the entertainer, David Crowder, admitted: “Much of the Catholic traditions and writings have been influential in my formation of faith and to be quite contradictory of what was stated earlier, I’ve found much […]

Worship Songs Compared.

DefCon touches on the issue of music and the Church from time to time; thanks to a recent article from The Watchman’s Bagpipes, this is one of those times. Yesterday in church we sang some contemporary “worship” songs at the opening of service and closed with a traditional hymn.  Our church often mixes the old […]

A refreshing perspective from a Christian musician that gets it!

Of the many Christian artists in the world, there are some that actually understand their calling: By the 2005 release of his third CD “White Flag,” based on his study and teaching of the Beatitudes, Shaun was questioning what his calling really was. He knew he was made for more than just entertaining audiences, and […]

Jesus, thank you.

Quotes (843)

I blush today to think about the religious fodder that is now being handed out to children. There was a day when they sat around as the fire crackled in the hearth and listened to a serious but kindly old grandfather read Pilgrim’s Progress, and the young Canadian and the young American grew up knowing […]

Did you know that Poison was a Christian rock band?

I bet you didn’t know that, huh? That all those songs they sang about drinking and sex and partying and all other kinds of debauchery were actually declaring the gospel? Well, that’s because you weren’t blessed with the same kind of discernment as Perry Noble of NewSpring church! Why, if you had simply listened to […]

An attendee reports on the Cornerstone “Christian” music festival.

When you think of a summer-time Christian music festivals, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, if you said zombies, you hit the nail on the head (sadly). For those of you who would have never guessed zombies, and have no idea what zombies have to do with Christianity, then you evidently missed […]

Another CCM star comes crashing to earth.

As we’ve reported on numerous occasions in the past, the rot that is underlying in the Contemporary Christian Music industry seems to keep oozing to the surface as time marches on. We’ve seen numerous examples of this and it appears that there’s no end in sight for the skeletons falling out of the closet of […]

David Crowder’s crowded theology.

The latest pockmark to appear on the already scarred face of CCM comes from one of evangelicalism’s favorite “worship leaders,” David Crowder of the David Crowder Band. Crowder, who is the author of the contemplative-promoting book, Praise Habit (referring to the habits worn by Catholic nuns), also participated in a contemplative/emergent conference with the likes […]

Sacred or secular?

Can you identify which of the following three lyric excerpts come from Christian musical artists and which are from secular musical artists? I admit it won’t be easy, but differentiating between Christian lyrics and worldly lyrics shouldn’t be that difficult, right? For more, be sure to check out DefCon’s other Christian music lyrics quiz. 1. […]

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

I suppose I’ll be the first to start this season’s music off with my all-time favorite Christmas song. This is a beautiful rendition by Christina Sonnemann. O come, O come, Emmanuel And ransom captive Israel That mourns in lonely exile here Until the Son of God appear Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel Shall come to thee, O […]

Quotes (661)

Far too much of today’s evangelical world has been swept up in the powerful magnetic field of the secular popular culture. Thinking they’re doing God’s work behind enemy lines of the atheistic popular culture, they’ve gradually and inadvertently taken on many more characteristics and attitudes of the enemy than they realize. That’s why, when I […]

Gaithers enter “The Shack”

  Sadly, Bill and Gloria Gaither–names almost synonymous with Southern Gospel music–have joined the apostasy that is “The Outhouse” “The Shack.” A couple weeks ago, they held a “Family Fest” (hat tip: Apprising Ministries) in Gatlinburg, TN (pop: 3800. pop during tourist season: 2,500,000), right near my back yard. And who were two of their […]

Quotes (535)

In the ordinance of singing, we must not make noise, but music; and the heart must make melody to the Lord. Augustine complained of some in his time, that “they minded more the tune than the truth; more the manner than the matter; more the governing of the voice than the uplifting of the mind;” […]

Joy to the world, He is risen!

He’s alive!

Music lyrics quiz: Christian or secular?

Are you ready to take a fun little quiz to see if Christian music is distinguishable from the music of the world? Let’s see if you can tell the difference between the lyrics of songs performed by Christian musicians and that of songs performed by secular musicians. Grab a pen and a piece of paper […]

The Almost-Christian.

Quiz for 1/26/2009

OK, here is another quiz for you. The question this time is, what kind of worship is the following quote describing? And, as usual, no fair Googling. “The emphasis [is on] psychophysical relatedness and subjective experience…The transcendence of the deity is overcome in the ecstasy of feeling. Sensory participation  is featured. Images are necessary-the bolder, […]

Guitar Praise: Another attempt at mimicking the fleeting fads of the world.

Only in an environment of prolonged comfort, safety, security, and prosperity could this be possible. I wonder if our Christian brothers and sisters being tortured in prisons around the world are secretly coveting this latest installment from the Den of Robbers. I also wonder if this is being marketed to the underground Church in Communist […]

Another church sanctuary turned into a stage for a worldly dance exhibition.

You’ve seen the two young girls performing a Spice Girls song in church in this post, and the youth dancing to Michael Jackson in church in this post. Now here’s more teen girls dancing to N’Sync beneath an illuminated cross in yet another church. Ichabod!

Asleep in the light.

Angels we have heard on high!

A beautiful rendition.