Ergun Caner Cover-Up

Each time this comes up, I’m surprised by how many people haven’t heard about it. I don’t think it’s been discussed on Defending Contending, so I think it must be pointed out. Ergun Caner has been exposed as having embellished his resume in years past, and there is ample, irrefutable evidence of these lies. Rather […]

To Love a Terrorist?

As I write this post, the news channels are inundating our senses with the latest on the suspects from the Boston Marathon bombing. Ever efficient, reporters from every media outlet have descended on the Boston, Massachusetts area, in order that we might know every single gritty detail of the tragedy making front page headlines. On […]

Why I Love Jesus But Reject Islam

I ran across this while reading on James White’s web site. I pray it is encouraging to you, my brother or sister in Christ; and that it might provoke a lost sheep to consider the God-Man, Jesus – Who is the Christ. In response to Kamal Saleh’s video found here: James White of Alpha […]

Sharia law in America?

PFA is reporting that Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary is planning to hold a protest outside the White House to call for Sharia law to be established in America. In Choudary’s own words: “The event is a rally, a call for the Sharia, a call for the Muslims to rise up and ­establish the Islamic state […]

Forsake everything and preach Christ to the Arabic world.

Execution – The Punishment for Faith in Christ

Well, the Muslims are at it again. Once again, they prove to the world that they are NOT the peace-loving people they claim to be. Their arrogance and hatred of Israel and Christians is shown clearly in recent news. Our government is wrong for allowing the Iranian president to come to this country to use […]

Christian Book Distributors now selling the Koran.

If you want to purchase the Islamic Koran you can now turn to the nation’s leading Christian bookselling website. That’s right, you can now buy the Koran from Christian Book Distributors (CBD). And CBD is even encouraging the mass distribution of this book (that fuels the terrorism that’s raging around the world and which calls […]

Sermon of the week: “The Grim Reality of the Last Days” by John MacArthur.

Your sermon of the week is The Grim Reality of the Last Days by John MacArthur. This is not a topic Joel Osteen would dare touch, and it’s definitely not a message for the faint-hearted. Mike Ratliff had this to say about this sermon: John MacArthur preached something I had never heard before, which compared […]

Video claims Islam’s Mahdi is “Near.”

Christians are “legitimate targets.”

Believe it or not, but the “religion of peace” is still not living up to the title ascribed to it. “Just days after a brutal attack in a Catholic Church in Baghdad that killed more than 50 people, an Al Qaeda group in Iraq has declared all Christians ‘legitimate targets,’ calling for them to be […]

Blatant double standards.

Public school field trip to a mosque.

Shocking video. As if we needed one more reason to home educate our children. HT: Revival & Reformation

While this nation slumbers (video).

While many in this country with a left-leaning political slant bemoan the security threats to this nation–placing unwarranted suspicion at the feet of Evangelical Christians, home educators, talk radio, gun owners, war vets, etc.–they remain strangely (and suspiciously) silent regarding the only real threat–the same threat that keeps spewing its venomous hate speech day after […]

The height of hypocrisy.

With all the drama over the Quran-burning controversy, I thought the following news article from 2007 was a little ironic: Christians in Gaza Fear For Their Lives as Muslims Burn Bibles and Destroy Crosses Although the religious group in this article is erroneously identified as “Christian,” the example of the hypocrisy is still very telling.

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Remember, folks—the Muslims who are willing to riot and rampage over the burning of a few Qur’an’s in Florida do not need any provocation to detest the “kafirs.” They are offended by our mere existence. Think about it. – James White

Book recommendation: “Terror at Beslan” by John Giduck.

“For a single religion to spawn so much hatred, so much inhuman capacity to commit violence against the innocent–even if those innocent are the citizens of a perceived enemy nation or culture–there must must be a cause. That cause cannot be the preaching of tolerance and peace so often ascribed to it.” – Terror at […]

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.

If you only watch one documentary on Islam, make it Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West. I’ve included all ten parts of this shocking documentary below, including the film trailer and a clip of what those in the media are saying about it. What the news media is saying about the film: Film Trailer: […]

While you were sleeping.

Persecution in Pakistan by the “Religion of Peace.”

A sobering reminder that most Christians in this world are not experiencing their Best Life Now. Rasheed Masih was murdered with axes by six Muslims for refusing to convert to Islam. Arshed Masih was burned alive in front of a police station for refusing to recant his faith and his wife was raped by a […]

Islamic Paradise and Jesus

Video about the work of God in Islamic nations and a searcher for truth who places his faith in Jesus. Please pray for this very dangerous work and that Islam might fall not by the bloody sword of the Crusaders, or the bombs of the American military machine, but rather by the Living Word of […]


The following great piece comes from Jake Hunt at WiserTime: You’ve seen these, right? They make me mad. Why? Because they don’t really mean what they say. Let’s break it down. We’ll call each worldview by the letter it’s supposed to represent. So: C = Islam O = Pacifism E = “Gender equality” (=the LGBT […]

Sarcasm at its finest: Happy spots and Hollywood.

Sometimes you can just use a good laugh. The following video is a great follow-up of the post Woe Unto You. And this video is a great follow-up to The Idolatry of Celebrity Worship.

A Muslim Finds Jesus the Messiah

Barring the Catholic images of Jesus in this video and a comment about God loving everyone equally, following is a wonderful testimony of a previous follower of Allah and Islam who came to embrace Jesus Christ and the gospel.   Truly a wonderful story of how one can be changed from darkness to light.  May this […]

Deserving to Die – Terrorists or Victims?

On 9/11/2001, terrorists flew the passengers on their flights into eternity. During the approximately one hour between the fall of the twin towers that claimed almost 3,000 lives, around the world another 7,800 lives went out to meet their Maker. Over the next 24 hours while America and the West struggled to understand the loss […]

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It takes an incredible amount of effort and energy on the part of the news media to maintain such an obviously outrageous suspension of reality. But what would happen if the press reported accurately, objectively, and courageously on the Middle East conflict? Media reports would reflect, truthfully, that Israel is a Western democracy surrounded by […]

The more Rome changes, the more it stays the same.

You can tell a man by the friends he keeps and likewise you can tell a church by the associations it keeps. So this Reformation Day, let us take a stroll through the halls of Roman Catholicism’s past and present as a simple reminder why true Biblical Christianity will never be at peace with the […]

What do Mormons think about Islam?

We’ve already seen what Mormonism has historically taught and believed about Christians (in spite of their current ecumenical, seeker-friendly image presented to the public). But what is the Mormon position on Islam, the religion of the sword? The following quotes may surprise you. There had been men, doubtless many men in the various ages of […]

Islamic tolerance: Christian murdered over purchase of tea.

The “religion of peace” has struck again in Pakistan. Witnesses claim the owner and 14 of his employees beat Ishtiaq with stones, iron rods and clubs, and stabbed him multiple times with kitchen knives as Ishtiaq pleaded for mercy. Ishtiaq had not noticed the warning sign before ordering his tea, as he ordered with a group […]

Happy 4th of July: Islamic “tolerance” in the United States of America.

There used to be a time when we dismissed the threat of the spread of Islam as something that happens “over there” in other countries. Not anymore. I urge you to take the time to watch the following five videos. Freedom of speech is apparently a one way street in the Muslim capital of the […]

Why we do what we do

Many people who visit DefCon come here seeking truth. They have heard lies and stories told by those who claim to be shepherds and pastors, only to find they have been lied to and misled. Others are new Christians who are looking for help to understand what is truth, where to find it, who can […]