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Family Renewal – An Introduction

It is my privilege to introduce a fairly new ministry to the faithful readers here at Defending Contending. In 1999, our family first met Sis. Skeet Savage and her family which includes her daughter, Sony Elise and her son, Israel Wayne. Sis. Skeet is responsible for the writing ministries under the umbrella of Wisdom’s Gate […]

A Catechism for Babes, or, Little Ones

“There never was a man in the world without a creed. What is a creed? A creed is what you believe. What is a confession? It is a declaration of what you believe. That declaration may be oral or it may be committed to writing, but the creed is there either expressed or implied.”—B.H. Carrol […]

Ray Rhodes and The Chocolate Knox on the subject of gospel centered parenting.

Once More – with Feeling! “Government Education is Evil!”

I know – our (unregenerate) children are to be sent into the world’s system of “education” to be salt and light; ignoring the context which tells us it is Christians – not unsaved children of Christians – who are to be godly influences in the culture. EDIT – for clarification: I think that if children […]

A short film that examines the question: Are “good morals” enough?

If we don’t point to and focus on Christ, our morality is worthless and will not bring honor to our God. This 24 minute film was made by a handful of young people from my church. For the glory of God and the good of His people.

The noose tightens a little more.

While we’re all wrapped up in so many distractions, the noose around our necks has just tightened again. Whether it’s the government raiding an Amish farm for selling raw milk, or the government inspecting lunches brought from the home of public school children to determine if the food is nutritional enough (and again), the government […]

The Balance of Marriage and Ministry

Below is a link to an article I read that, along with the counsel of godly brethren, I have found very helpful at this stage in my Christian walk. For weeks, I have struggled with how to balance the various ministries I am part of with my duties as a husband and father. The author […]


I just finished watching this movie. A gentle but forceful examination of the government school system in our country, revealing why it can not be reconciled with a Christian worldview. WACO, Texas, Oct. 12, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — As the 2012 presidential race begins to draw public attention, a new film seeks to bring education […]

Sermon of the week: “The Sufficiency of Scripture and the Gospel” by Paul Washer.

We who home educate, oppose youth ministries, believe Christians should dress modestly, etc. are often accused of believing this way of life makes one a Christian and makes one holy. And of course, we deny those baseless charges of “legalism” but nevertheless, the accusations are still hurled at us. This is why I’m pleased to […]

College conspiracy.

Many have lamented the perils of sending kids to liberal, anti-theist colleges (and rightly so), but the following video opposes sending kids to college for entirely different reasons (the same reasons John Stossel discusses in his article The College Scam). Even though these reasons are secular in nature, they’re still very eye-opening.

Public Schools are criminal operations

From the Gunn Brothers – http://www.colingunn.com/ – comes a new film, Indoctrination. Samuel Blumenfeld, former fan of public schools, is featured in this new film from Colin Gunn. I first became aware of Blumenfeld decades ago through this book. He is a firm advocate of God’s plan for children and is bold about sin.  In […]

My thoughts on youth ministry and Vacation Bible School.

Summertime means BBQ, swimming pools, fireworks, and lemonade. But it also means sweltering heat, mosquitoes, and Vacation Bible School. For many Christians this is the time of the year when they’re all abuzz about the wildly popular week-long evangelical event known as Vacation Bible School (commonly referred to by its acronym, VBS). In terms of […]

The Invention of Adolescence.

An interesting article on the invention of adolescence by Otto Scott. Adolescence is now accepted by most Americans as a strange and difficult period marked by wild swings of mood, outbursts of temper, rudeness, rebelliousness, and personality changes — all involuntary. They would be surprised to learn that this period was unknown, unrecognized, and unseen […]

How “socialized” government school kids “interact” on the bus.

It’s pretty bad when a local news station has to get involved in a matter like this because the school won’t help to put a stop to the violence perpetrated against a four-year-old girl. You can see the video and read the article here. If this is the Lord of the Flies socialization I keep […]

Pay no attention the the government education professionals behind the curatin.

Here is a quote from a great article by Bruce Shortt writing for WorldNet Daily: “Of course, evidence of catastrophic educational failure is always dismissed by highly trained education professionals by alternately screeching ‘socio-economic status’ and ‘demographics.’ These phrases are the education establishment’s equivalent of squid’s ink: When cornered by inconvenient facts, shouts of ‘socio-economic […]

Sermon of the week: “What is a family integrated church?” by Scott Brown.

Tired of hearing what critics say family integrated churches believe? Dissuaded by the mischaracterization of what others claim family integrated churches teach? Want to hear what those in family integrated churches actually believe? Then you will want to listen to what Scott Brown of The National Center for Family Integrated Churches (NCFIC) has to say […]

Parents – Pay Heed!

Many parents who give their children to the government to train up fail to comprehend a doctrine that most government schools operate under – that of in loco parentis: [Latin, in the place of a parent.] The legal doctrine under which an individual assumes parental rights, duties, and obligations without going through the formalities of […]

The Child: America’s Battle for the Next Generation.

A family of families.

Here’s an excellent article from Voddie Baucham in response to those who inaccurately and unfairly misrepresent Family Integrated Churches. Is the Church a Family of Families? Part One: Any church that does not look like the ‘norm’ is always trying to explain itself.   This is a fact we know all too well at Grace Family […]

Public school field trip to a mosque.

Shocking video. As if we needed one more reason to home educate our children. HT: Revival & Reformation

Second-grader sent home and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation for drawing a crucifix.

After a class was instructed to sketch something that reminded them of the Christmas holiday, one student drew a crucifix. Apparently, however, according to the godless government-run public school, not only did Christ’s birth have nothing to do with His birth (like they know anything about theology anyway), but it also warranted this child’s removal […]

Not content with lowering the educational bar, one public school was selling grades.

Yet one more reason to support your local home school: a public school in North Carolina was actually selling grades. It reminds me of the Roman Catholic organization who sells indulgences; but I digress. Here’s a quote from the news article: “To my mind, it’s the integrity of the educational enterprise that’s at stake here,” […]

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Why are we here? Does our family exist to prepare children for the Major Leagues? If so, then baseball will be the center of our family’s universe, and everything else will bow to the whims and wishes of the baseball god. Does our family exist to produce socialites? If so, then our family must revolve […]

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In order to qualify yourselves for instructing and preparing your children for God’s service, you [must] diligently study His Word to ascertain what He requires of them and frequently pray for the assistance of His Spirit, both for them and yourselves. . . . You will carefully guard against saying or doing anything which may, […]

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Women who break the unwritten two-child-per-family rule are often greeted with questions like, “Haven’t you guys figured out what causes that?” Fathers who choose to emphasize their sons’ spiritual growth at the expense of their participation in the all-consuming pursuit of sports sometimes find themselves being alienated by other dads. Children who don’t attend the […]

What exactly IS a “unicorn” anyway?

We hear from the skeptics so often, that the Bible can’t be trusted because it talks about “unicorns.”  The word “unicorn” comes from the Greek Septuagint (LXX) rendering the Hebrew word raeim as monokeros, meaning “one horn.” And, of course, it is a lightning rod for those who fancy themselves as intellectuals, yet are too smart […]

Sermon of the week: “Whoever Controls the Schools Controls the World” by Voddie Baucham.

Hold onto your hats. Your sermon of the week is a scathing blow to the concept of government education by Voddie Baucham entitled Whoever Controls the Schools Controls the World. Baucham clearly lays out the argument against Christian parents subjugating their parental responsibilities to the Godless, Marxist behavioral engineering centers known as public schools. All […]

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Many object to homeschooling or private Christian schools based on the fact that God has called us to be “salt” and “light” and to evangelize the world. Ironically, this is precisely why we chose homeschooling. The Great Commission states: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father […]

Cappuccino machines, light bulbs, and toilet paper.

As an elementary public school in Detroit, Michigan is lacking funds for even light bulbs and toilet paper, public schools in Chicago, Illinois just spent $67,000 on cappuccino machines of which most are “. . . going unused because the schools they were ordered for had not asked for them . . .”. Yet another […]

Public school holds surprise “Gay Day” for kindergartners.

World Net Daily is reporting that a California public school held a surprise “Gay Day” for kindergartners. Read the article here. I wonder what would have happened if they had a surprise “Bible Day.” This begs the question, “Should Christians take their children out of the public schools?“