False Prophets in the Church – Part 1

This is the first of a two-part message broadcast over the radio several years ago. Each part is about 30 minutes. While there are nits that can be picked regarding a few things he says, this man is on target and the church needs to hear this message. Part 1 is here.

Walter Martin debates a 32nd degree Freemason.

Part One Part Two Part Three

Saturday Message – Can a Christian Be a Freemason?

For the third week in a row DefCon interrupts our regularly scheduled Saturday sermon series Studies in Ephesians to bring you a message which we believe is VERY vital to all who claim to be a Christian and are also involved in Masonry. This message entitled Can a Christian Be a Freemason? was preached by […]

The Evil Oath of a Shriner

Disclaimer – Some of the information in these blogs is not deemed suitable for young readers.  We ask that discretion be used.  Much prayer is needed in the understanding of the ways of Lucifer.  This is NOT a trivial matter and we take our responsibility to warn of the evil and dangers of heresy, false […]

A Word from a Shriner!

This video is very shocking.  The man actually claims to be Lucifer because Lucifer (in this man’s mind) is pure and virtuous.  Being a Shriner is COMPLETELY and TOTALLY incompatible with true Christianity.  It is a fact that there are believers who are caught up in Masonry.  However, a clear and careful examination of the […]