Sissified Needy Jesus?

Pastor Voddie Baucham preaches the truth firmly and solidly from the Scriptures. His message is loving but it is a warning to those that think Jesus Christ is just some mamby-pamby God who has to have us in order to justify His own existence. He needs nothing from us.

About Mark Escalera

Name: Mark Escalera - (formerly The Jungle Missionary) Blog: DefendingContending.Com Ministry: I am a sinner saved by grace, and learning every day how much more I need the Lord directing my life. In a graceless world, my desire is to show to others the grace that has been extended to me. Have been married for almost 25 years and we have been blessed with five children with the oldest three serving in the US Air Force. My passion is seeking to minister the precious life-giving Word of God to those dead in trespasses and sins! Humbled that He would choose me as one of His children! Preferred translation: English Standard Version (ESV) Currently studying: Psalms Currently reading: The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink

2 comments on “Sissified Needy Jesus?

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  2. Amen to many of Mark Escalera’s words. Mark Driscoll made the same point one Sunday by wearing a T-shirt of someone’s “concept” of what Jesus looked like. Chirst looked so efiminate, gentle and fragile. Driscoll made the comment/joke that he was wearing his “Drag Queen Jesus” T-shirt…..boy, did he get ridiculed and rebuked for that comment. The criticism was incredible. They looked right past the point of a comment like that and labeled him as blasphemous and disrespectful to God. WAKE UP now people, or you’re really going to have a wake up call when Christ returns.

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