The Reformation We Need

BibleNone of us, as individuals or as local churches, has arrived. We all have need of continual repentance and reformation, knowing that sin easily entangles us and we all have different blind spot and unexamined presuppositions.

This sermon addresses three basic areas where men tend to go astray and exhorts all to repent and follow after Christ as revealed in the Scripture.

Voddie Baucham presents “The Reformation We Need” at the 2013 Founders Breakfast in Houston last month.

About Stuart Brogden

Reformed Baptist, married to one woman since 1978, enjoy camping, motorcycle riding, solid books that assist in understanding the Word of God, fellowship with the Lord's saints, and some classical music. A wretch saved by grace, with nothing to give my Lord except my sin. Desire to make the gospel known and shepherd some of the Lord's sheep.

8 comments on “The Reformation We Need

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this link! I always look forward to listening to Pastor Voddie! :)

  2. I don’t know if this happened for anyone else or not, but it stopped playing after just a few minutes for me…?

  3. Katy – how many minutes in did it stop? I’m listening to it again and I’m 13 minutes in so far.

  4. Excellent word! Christ centered more than biblical, although He is the Word and as Psalm 119 elucidates the sum of His Word is Truth; Gospel centered over baptismal; and, finally being Theological and not pragmatic!

    What amazes me by listening to this message is I’ve learned more insight and nuance about the book of the Revelation by it even after just doing an exhaustive study on Revelation learning from two series, one by Arthur Azurdia the third and the other by Dr. Sanclair Ferguson, both excellent teachings on that book as well.

    Thanks for sharing this message!

  5. michael,

    Many thanks for your kind words. Sermon Audio has our sermons on Revelation (some gaps, because they don’t post sermons from the pastoral interns who preach).

  6. For me, Manfred, it wasn’t that far. How strange…? Maybe it was just me!

  7. Have you not been able to listen to the entire message? If so, I will load it to another site and see if that allows you to listen to the whole thing.

  8. I am trying to listen to it again now… :) It may be just fine. I’ll see! Thank you!

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