What is Human?

About Stuart Brogden

Reformed Baptist, married to one woman since 1978, enjoy camping, motorcycle riding, solid books that assist in understanding the Word of God, fellowship with the Lord's saints, and some classical music. A wretch saved by grace, with nothing to give my Lord except my sin. Desire to make the gospel known and shepherd some of the Lord's sheep.

3 comments on “What is Human?

  1. Oh my, this video has left me speechless once again. One day, justice will be served though against all who do such things unless they seek repentance and come in faith to Jesus Christ. Thank you, Manfred, for sharing this video.

  2. Mohlech is alive and well, and many deny this. May God have mercy!

  3. You have to deaden your conscience to say you are not killing, or murdering, when you destroy the life of a baby through abortion.

    God help us all.

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