A gospel test for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The following five questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses, from a tract sold by Personal Freedom Outreach, is a perfect companion to Paul Washer’s witnessing technique to Jehovah’s Witnesses (found here).

11 thoughts on “A gospel test for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  1. PFO is a great organization, with an excellent apologetics journal, which I highly recommend. They will be hosting the “St. Louis Conference on Biblical Discernment” in April, in St. Charles, MO. They are every other year, and my wife and I have attended since 2002.


  2. LOVE it!!! The tract is so simple yet so powerful. Just as the gospel of Christ is. So simple yet so powerful. I have to get some of those. Would be nice to make up similar ones for Mormons.


  3. The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach preach that Jesus had his return aka second coming October 1914,then they spin all sorts of doctrinal embellishments on that date with 1918 being their appointment by Jesus as sole heirs of this 1914 Kingdom coming.
    They teach Michael the Archangel is one and same as Jesus,Have a deadly dogma prohibiting whole Blood transfusion but use cow’s blood calling it *Hemopure*.
    They teach only 144,000 go to heaven,on and on and on with made up man made dogmas……JW are a spin-off of the second adventist and have this in common with the SDA.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses promotion of their Watchtower sect has the net effect of stumbling and turning people off to the real Gospel.
    Jesus said: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte; and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves” (Matt 23:15)


  4. what do the born again preach? answer nothing , i never had a born again at my house. I have met some born again people , but they seem to have different beliefs. perhaps they could all sit together with all their born again friend an d work on their pagan theories like hell or trinity.


  5. Hi Luis,

    I think you have a point. Many who claim to be Christians can’t defend the doctrines they profess.

    However, I have a similar objection to Jehovah’s Witnesses. They know what the Watchtower teaches about specific issues, but they really don’t know what the Bible teaches. It is fairly easy to point out contradictions and inconsistencies in their beliefs.

    A good example is this blog post. You didn’t bother to answer, but only attempted to poison the well. What explanation can you offer that the Watchtower’s gospel and the biblical gospel aren’t the same?



  6. RE: Bill, they do not preach repentance towards God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, salvation by grace through faith(not of works) lest any man should boast, it is the gift of God, Jesus saves wicked sinners from eternal damnation of hell fire, where there is no rest day or night and the smoke of their torments acendeth forever and ever. And forgives all sin (only through the blood) of Jesus Christ.

    obstaining from blood is that we do not sacrifice animals for sin offering, We have the blood of Jesus Christ to wash away all sin except the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.


  7. Bill,
    The very first piece of evidence that it’s not the same is their Christ vs. the Biblical Christ. Their Christ was Michael the Archangel first, then he is “a god” – making two gods – and he didn’t resurrect bodily from the grave.

    If you have an imitation Christ, you have an imitation gospel, and no salvation.


  8. It’s amazing, every comment I’ve read here has been so askew of the true facts. It’s obvious to any serious Bible student that the commentators have done absolutely no unbiased and true diligent research into God’s word.


  9. It’s difficult to do. As an illustration, lets say a person read a recipe in a preliminary draft of a cookbook, all the ingredients were listed as was the preparation directions as well as the cooking instructions. However in the notes he had said that at some future date he was going to add the specific details about each ingredient as well as how each ingredient should be prepared before adding it to the mix. Well after reading through the book a couple of times the authors chef followed the directions and made the dish and everyone tried it and many liked it as it was made by the chef while others later tweeked it to their own taste. However when the author had arrived and tasted what they all had made with the ingredients, he tells the chef and all the cooks the details that are needed to make the meal properly but they all refuse to make the changes because they are used to eating it the way they have have been and the name they made for themselves in doing it their way. A few however do listen and obey and when they taste, they are convinced that it’s perfect, the absolute best. They in turn do their utmost to bring the full instructions to everyone far and wide but few actually take notice.

    Christendom is similar, it takes no note of the masters instructions which have been revealed in these final part of the days, yes revealed to those having insight, those faithful stewards of his word. Instead they continue to follow tradition and words handed down from generation to generation.


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