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ABC–Always Be Closing?

Lately during really good witnessing encounters the question about what to do with someone who appears really remorseful over his or her sin has resurfaced for me. The other person who was witnessing with me took this as an opportunity to try to close the deal. Though this individual thankfully doesn’t subscribe to the sinner’s […]

Seeing the handwriting on the wall.

Two years ago I published a post about a CCM entertainer’s comments that he gave to a Roman Catholic organization in which the entertainer, David Crowder, admitted: “Much of the Catholic traditions and writings have been influential in my formation of faith and to be quite contradictory of what was stated earlier, I’ve found much […]

Sermon of the Week: “What’s a Thousand Years Among Friends?” by Kim Riddlebarger

Dispensationalism? Premillennialism? The Rapture? A 1000 year reign on earth? Amillennialism? The kingdom is now? This age and the age to come? What is this all about. Controversy and serious disagreements swirl endlessly around the study and beliefs of the End Times. In this lecture, Dr. Kim Riddlebarger poses a logical, Biblical, and literal argument […]

Pagan Christianity?

I was given the task of reading and reviewing this book as part of a project at my church. Frank Viola is aggressive in defending his perspective; if you want his view you can easily find one or more of his blogs. With that short introduction, here’s my lengthy review. Pagan Christianty? By Frank Viola […]

The more things change, the more they stay the same at the Crystal Cathedral.

From the Christian Post: The Rev. Robert H. Schuller, founder of the historic Crystal Cathedral Ministries in Garden Grove, Calif., has spoken out about the sale of the church to a Roman Catholic diocese, reassuring concerned observers that the church’s beliefs are not going to suddenly change. “The Roman Catholic Church isn’t going to change […]

What’s in a list of names?

If you are like me, you tend to not pay close attention to lists of names when you come across them in your Bible reading. Yes, those people are important to God, some lists demonstrate important lineages. There is a list which is not an important lineage – in Romans 16. This was the text […]

It’s a Girl – Kill It!

While doing some research on a completely different subject, I found a site that was and continues to be overwhelming to the senses. It advertises a new documentary coming out entitled, “It’s a Girl!” I have never personally met a parent that did not wait with joy to hear those words, or words equally as […]

Sermon of the week: “Battling Spiritual Depression” by Akash Sant Singh.

Your sermon of the week is Battling Spiritual Depression by Akash Sant Singh. 

What if…?

What if life really evolved over millions and billions of years? If it did, then the Word of God is not actually infallible and inerrant. If it did, then God Himself is proclaimed to be a liar, and further, a god who is a liar would be a non-existent entity. What if humans are merely […]

Top 10 reasons to reject the cult of Word of Faith.

I found the following article at Beyond Grace: Word-Faith (WOF) teaching, identified with Ken Copeland and Ken Hagin, is the foundation for today’s prophetic/apostolic movement. Several years ago Tricia Tillin wrote an article on the Top Ten Reasons for rejecting Word-of-Faith doctrine. REASON ONE: It requires ‘revelation knowledge’. REASON TWO: It makes the Almighty God […]

Quotes (923).

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that infants are forgiven of original sin when a priest pours water over the baby in the sacrament of baptism. There are two serious problems with this practice. First, there is no occurrence of infant baptism in the New Testament, and second, one must believe in Jesus in order to […]

Sermon of the Week: “The Centrality of the Cross” by Alistair Begg.

As you browse the sermons available online, on the television, or on the radio, have you grown tired of the drivel that passes itself off for ministry of God’s holy, infallible, inerrant Word? Far too many so-called preachers of today are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing, and they are seeking only to tickle […]

A gospel test for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The following five questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses, from a tract sold by Personal Freedom Outreach, is a perfect companion to Paul Washer’s witnessing technique to Jehovah’s Witnesses (found here).

Edging even closer to Revelation 13.

My Amillennial friends may not be interested in this, but for the rest of you I thought you’d like to see how much closer we’ve come to Revelation 13. In his article, Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents, Alex Jones writes: “Over the past few months, […]

Walter Martin vs Van Hale debate: “Is Mormonism Christian?”

vs Christian apologist Walter Martin takes on Mormon apologist Van Hale in a debate entitled Is Mormonism Christian? It is another fine job by Walter Martin in defending the faith from those who would seek to pervert it. Years after this debate, Van Hale publicly announced (in 2005) that he cannot accept the Book of […]

Atheist hypocrisy (Part 1)

I often hear the lament from anti-theists about Christian hypocrisy as the impetus behind their rejection of God, but rarely is atheist hypocrisy ever mentioned. So let’s look at two glaring hypocrisies of atheism, part one today, and part two coming soon. ________________________________ I recall a time a few years ago when I posted a […]

Sermon of the week: “Audacious Grace” by Akash Sant Singh.

Does God’s lavish, unexplainable grace offend you? Does it bother you that His grace can be extended to a wretch such as a serial killer, or is it only good for you? I am happy to present another powerful and convicting message by Akash Sant Singh as your sermon of the week: God’s Audacious Grace.


BETH MOORE AND JOHN PIPER LEAD LECTIO DIVINA-LITE AT PASSION 2012 By Ken Silva pastor-teacher on Jan 6, 2012 in AM Missives, Current Issues, Features, Southern Baptist Convention Note: videos that should make you weep are on Ken’s web site at the link above. Apprising Ministries has been warning for years concerning the evil effects of […]

Film Recommendation: “Courageous”

A few months ago I had the opportunity to be part of an effort to extend invitations of a free viewing of the movie “Courageous” to local law enforcement agencies in my area. As a result, over a hundred individuals were able to watch the gospel centered film by Sherwood Pictures and Tristar. Once again, […]

A Case for the Pre-Existence of the Son of God

A Case for the Pre-Existence of the Son of God Defining Who is the Son of God and Proving His Eternal Existence INTRODUCTION             Over two-thousand years ago in the small village of Bethlehem, made famous as the boyhood home of King David (1 Sam 16:1, 17:12, Luke 2:4), a baby was born. Only a […]

A New Year for God or Another Year for Me?

When I was a young child in gradeschool, I can remember that every New Year’s Day, our parents required us to sit down and write out a brand new list of resolutions. I can distinctly remember putting down things like: 1) I resolve to read all the way through the Bible, 2) I resolve to […]

Sermon of the week: “Payday Someday” by R.G. Lee.

Your sermon of the week is an old-fashioned, southern-style preaching experience by R.G. Lee (1886-1978) entitled, Payday Someday. I can’t think of a better way to begin 2012 than with this powerful sermon given many years ago, the likes of which are hard to find nowadays coming from pulpits across America.