And the crowd goes wild!

Joel Osteen introduces his audience to someone he describes as a “world changer,” a “history maker,” and “one of the great voices of our generation.”

And the crowd goes wild!

HT: Twisted Crown of Thorns

7 thoughts on “And the crowd goes wild!

  1. He’s right. She is a world changer, a history maker, and one of the great voices of our generation. She has been very instrumental in making unbiblical/antibiblical beliefs and practices perfectly accepted by professing Christians worldwide. And thus motivating millions into a Christ-less eternity, yet all the while claiming to be Christian.

    It is my hope all those cheering, adoring fans will not be wailing and gnashing their teeth for all eternity.

  2. Judging from the exciting cheers of the members, it’s probably because they embrace her message of humanistic positivity without Christ….sad.

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