Top Ten Reasons Not to Join A Reformed Baptist Church

Top Ten Reasons Not to Join A Reformed Baptist Church 

Dr. James White has some pretty honest reasons why, if you are shopping for a local Christian fellowship, you may want to dismiss a Reformed Baptist Church. You tell ‘em Doc.

  1. You don’t get to leave after every sermon feeling good about yourself. You may even desire repentance.
  2. You don’t get to hear the sermons in the same way you may be used to. It’s frequently verse by verse, maybe not even relevant to your current situation.
  3. You don’t get to be entertained. We don’t want to entertain you.
  4. You don’t get to go to church every weeknight for programs. We don’t have ‘em.
  5. You don’t get to be ‘lost in the crowd’. We tend to have accountability to one another.
  6. You don’t get to hear social commentary. Sermons are mostly biblical and serious.
  7. We’re not considered ‘seeker-friendly’. We don’t believe in seekers. Apart from regeneration, they don’t exist.
  8. You’re asked to apply the sermons to your life.
  9. You’re asked to attend services regularly, to support your elders in prayer and give sacrificially to the advance of the Gospel.
  10. You will experience conviction of sin with regularity.

Listen to the whole message here.


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Not to Join A Reformed Baptist Church

  1. Good stuff there in the list…of why to join a Reformed Baptist church.
    Having said that, do you believe we can extend that list…and rubber band in others that are not Reformed Baptist? But I get the gist of what is being said and rejoice God for it!


  2. Considering I am a Reformed Baptist, I don’t have a vested interest nor adequate information to specifically include other church types. As a base line – a healthy church will focus on exalting Christ, resting on the sufficiency of Scripture for all things pertaining to life and godliness. It should have 2 or more elders who share the gamut of pastoral duties (preaching, counseling, etc.) and not be so large that people can slip in and out without being known. A fence, of sorts, ought to be erected to insure – as best man can – that only redeemed saints are welcome as members and discipline ought to be practiced by all members, to keep a restraint on sin within the fellowship.


  3. I agree with all of those…and yet…I have a question. What does not *seeker friendly* mean exactly? Redeemed saints are welcome as members…but what about those that aren’t redeemed? Are they permitted attendance but not membership?
    I hear many say that the church is the place for the sick. While I understand their point, I wondered, then where *I* could go to *grow* in my learning. Please forgive my questions….I just have a desire to understand. Thank-you :)


  4. Katy – “Not seeker friendly” is a rebuke to the Rick Warren “seeker friendly” model. The only people unwelcome in a biblical church would be those who are there to stir up trouble in their rebellion against God. Anyone wanting to know what our church is about is welcome. Membership is restricted to those who desire it, have learned about our theology and doctrine, and agree to our membership covenant. We discourage “regular attenders” – believing it best for Christians to belong to a local church. Regular attenders ought either sign up for membership classes or find a church they can, in good conscience, join as members.

    Ask questions! This is the we lower creatures learn :-)


  5. Reasons #1 and #10 say the same thing; which is your a sinner, a sinner and a sinner. Yes I agree, a person will not feel good about themselves after listening to an exposition on the depravity of man. But desiring repentance; well that depends not only on conviction of sin but on finding hope in Jesus Christ (which from my experience) is not talked a lot about in a Reformed Baptist church.


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