Too little too late.

Why is it that today’s “prophets” always tell you about their visions after the events occur and never before? In the following case, Jim Bakker tells viewers on August 12, 2011, that he predicted 9/11.

He was only a decade late in mentioning it.

HT: Slaughter of the Sheep

4 comments on “Too little too late.

  1. “9/11 was judgment because God coulda stopped it”. Huh? If God couldn’t have stopped it, it wouldn’t have been judgment? His theology is as bad as his prophecy.

    ‘Tis a pity Jim Bakker has slid back into that cesspool of false prophets, having been broken by God over it once before.

  2. This is a sad commentary on true biblical Christianity! Will the “signs, wonders and miracles” era ever end?

  3. Does anyone wonder if he had seen that vision, why did he not warn the world what was going to happen? The real prophets of the Bible warned people of coming judgment from God, so why didn’t this clown? I guess because he’s not a prophet, but full of hot air.

  4. I wonder if he foresaw that his son would become a raging heretic that makes his papa look like a bastion of orthodoxy in comparison?

    In Him,

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