Reaching the Remote!

This last Saturday was a major blessing for our family as we had the privilege of meeting a brother and sister in Christ who live in Western Colorado. We met first at a restaurant and then were invited to their home where they unveiled to us a series of devices that will allow us to accomplish one of our long-term goals before we even get to Liberia.

Our goal was to see the New Testament put into audio format for the purpose of providing pastors/church-planters with the Word of God in their heart language. We were not aware that a major project has been made available to those working in the remote areas of the world.

In fact, New Testaments in audio format are available in several of the languages in Liberia on the above pictured device. This little device is solar-powered and on a full-charge can play up to 14 hours. It is simple to operate. I am including a link to Renew Outreach where these devices can be obtained.

The Lord is so good and we thank Him for allowing us to be directed to this 21st technology that will be used to the glory of God. What a blessing to these people who cannot read or pastors who struggle to read that they will be able to share that God’s Word is not just in English. Sometimes we have not because we ask not!

For the cost of a good leather Bible, this Renew Papyrus can put the audio Bible in English and a local Liberian dialect of the New Testament into the hands of nationals. Total cost with shipping is only $70!

About Mark Escalera

Name: Mark Escalera - (formerly The Jungle Missionary) Blog: DefendingContending.Com Ministry: I am a sinner saved by grace, and learning every day how much more I need the Lord directing my life. In a graceless world, my desire is to show to others the grace that has been extended to me. Have been married for almost 25 years and we have been blessed with five children with the oldest three serving in the US Air Force. My passion is seeking to minister the precious life-giving Word of God to those dead in trespasses and sins! Humbled that He would choose me as one of His children! Preferred translation: English Standard Version (ESV) Currently studying: Psalms Currently reading: The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink

5 comments on “Reaching the Remote!

  1. Those devices are amazing. Getting the word of God to people in their own language — and in audio, for those who can’t read — is such a blessing.

    I’m glad to see this group linked up with Faith Comes By Hearing. Try FCBH to see if you can get their “Proclaimer” devices for free. They just ask that you document the users via pictures and text.

    We took a dozen Proclaimers (Swahili and English) to Kenya this Summer and they were a huge hit. They want us to bring lots more next year.

    Blessings to you and your efforts to get the word of God out!

  2. Thanks Neil for your encouragement. I will contact FCBH and see what these “Proclaimer” devices are and how they can be obtained. — TDP

  3. Hope it works out! Here’s a link — http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/proclaimer They were in short supply earlier this Summer due to the tsunami in Japan, but they were working hard to catch up.

  4. Neil, just spoke with FCBH and they said that they only offer the first 2 for free but each additional costs $100. That is actually more than the little devices that I found with Renew Outreach. The advantage with RO is that they have both the English and the local language on the device for the price of $70. Thanks for the info though.

  5. Desert Pastor:

    This is great news!

    I’ll be speaking with you real soon (like Saturday) for more information on how to get a bunch of these ordered for Village Church Planters in West Africa.

    I’m curious, though, are these available in the native tongues of all twelve Liberian tribes?

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