It’s the same thing.

Not one to shy away from controversy, I present the following short video that I can only describe as sobering, shocking, and disturbing. This video depicts one of the arguments I’ve made for years in the abortion debate, and now that argument is effectively visual.

I wholeheartedly believe this video needs to be seen (truth should never be hidden), but I strongly urge caution for younger viewers. It’s one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen in quite a while (first viewing left me speechless, second viewing brought me to tears). Its impact will leave you shaken.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

HT: Hope For the Helpless

7 comments on “It’s the same thing.

  1. Somebody been listenin’ to Peter Singer.

    Just say NO! to Molech. The cost is too high.

  2. Oh my, we need to cry out to God to stop the madness. This is just as heartbreaking as http://iamhis-lyn.blogspot.com/2011/08/society-of-animals.html

  3. I wrote a blog on abortion from the perspective of a father of a premature baby. It is somewhat of a rant, I will confess, but how can a person not be roused with emotion over such a horrific subject? If anyone is interested:


  4. Can’t afford to care for invalid Grandma either. And severely retarded Lisa, can’t keep up with her care either. Or quadraplegic Bobby. But they’d be thrown in prison for the rest of their lives if they murdered them. A fetus? They can get away with that. It’s legal, and accepted.

  5. My wife and I lost our unborn daughter at 32 weeks into the pregnancy. My father and sister (not Christian) said so what it was just a fetus and think we were crazy to bury her in in a grave. This attitude sickness me. This video is so moving and shocking.

  6. The scenario in this video apparently is no longer fantasy for Canadians:


    A Canadian judge gave a mother a 3 year suspended sentence for strangling her newborn, citing abortion rights as justification.

  7. Bill,
    That is just awful!!!! I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am sickened by that. :(

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