Incredible conviction from Tim Conway.

6 comments on “Incredible conviction from Tim Conway.

  1. Thank you for posting this – I needed to hear it.

  2. Indeed, thanks for this.

  3. Thank you. I’m struggling right now, and that is some conviction I needed….

  4. Marie,

    God will use these struggles you are going through to grow and mature you in your faith! I will be praying for you!


  5. Katy, thank you. Your prayers mean a lot. God bless you!

  6. Not the most comforting (hits too close to home) but I think Dr. Conway hit the nail right on the head. Putting it into practice when my will is weak?? Thank God that HE is strong and will change me if I desire. But I realize, too, that without Christ I cannot even desire to change. I beg God to change me and give me the desire to ask for the desire to change. It’s gotta be him cause in ME dwells no good thing.

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