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It’s the same thing.

Not one to shy away from controversy, I present the following short video that I can only describe as sobering, shocking, and disturbing. This video depicts one of the arguments I’ve made for years in the abortion debate, and now that argument is effectively visual. I wholeheartedly believe this video needs to be seen (truth […]

What Discernment Actually Looks Like

A few days ago I posted a link from Phil Johnson on the Pyromanics blog regarding Mark Driscoll’s self-proclaimed “gift of discernment”, which sounded more like a man with a dirty mind talking offensively to the sheep under his care. In the post on Driscoll’s madness found HERE , I call attention to why I […]

If God Would Just Show Me a Miracle…

I think that just about every Christian who has ventured out to share their faith has heard this claim at one time or another. It seems reasonable enough, “God, if you are real, show me!” Why can’t someone make that request of God, right? If He truly wants that person to worship Him, shouldn’t God […]

The Three Most Dangerous Words …

It’s a girl. Of course, history is full of such reports. But it’s easy to push history from one’s mind. How horrible – and that mother who killed 8 girls. May God have mercy. We must remember – with all the feminists attacks against Christianity – the religion of the One True God is the […]

Incredible conviction from Tim Conway.

Mormonism’s great big secret.

College conspiracy.

Many have lamented the perils of sending kids to liberal, anti-theist colleges (and rightly so), but the following video opposes sending kids to college for entirely different reasons (the same reasons John Stossel discusses in his article The College Scam). Even though these reasons are secular in nature, they’re still very eye-opening.

You might be a Calvinist . . .

The following is from the Disciple Man blog: You Might Just Be A Calvinist If…. If you have a Martin Luther Jell-O mold… you just might be a Calvinist. If your DVR has over 25 episodes of Wretched With Todd Friel recorded on it… you just might be a Calvinist. If your child’s first word […]

Nephi or Moroni?

The following is an interesting article from an unlikely source. What most LDS have been taught in church and believe as truth. The name of the angel that visited Joseph Smith three times on the night of Sept. 21, 1823 was named Moroni.  The name of the angel is mentioned several times in many LDS […]

Quotes (904)

Almost every natural man that hears of Hell flatters himself that he shall escape it. – Jonathan Edwards 1703 – 1758  

Sermon of the week: “The Carnal Christian Doctrine” by Albert N. Martin.

Albert Martin delivers a riveting message putting to rest the false doctrine of Carnal Christianity so rampant in evangelicalism. This message is as important and as timely today as it was when he preached it 47 years ago. The Carnal Christian Doctrine (Part 1) The Carnal Christian Doctrine (Part 2)

Do the math

Move along, folks! No pro-homosexual, anti-Christian agenda among the public school systems in this country! Nope, nothing to see here! A social studies teacher in Florida is suspended for writing, on his own Facebook page, on his own time, his own personal beliefs regarding same-sex “marriage”… Patton said the school system received a complaint on […]

Mormonism’s Bigfoot.

I recently published an article on one of Mormonism’s wild claims about big, black, hairy Cain still roaming the earth in the post Mormon Prophet Lends Credibility to a Wild Claim. And, of course, the first response that post received from a Mormon apologist was: The real shame is that it is simply a waste […]

Quotes (903)

We may have more wealth in these days, better education, greater comfort in traveling and in our surroundings even as missionaries, but have we the spirit of urgency, the deep, inward convictions that moved those who went before us; have we the same passion of love, personal love for the Lord Jesus Christ? If these […]

Quotes (902)

The average American family devotes one-fourth of its spendable income to outside debts. Since 1945, consumer debt in the United States has multiplied thirty-one times. The IRS calculates that the average filer spends ten times more paying off interest on debts than he gives to charitable causes. If all evangelical Christians were out of debt, […]

If Mormonism were true.

An article from Mormon Coffee offers the following six things you’d expect to see if Mormonism were true. You can read the entire article here. ____________________________________ If Mormonism were true… 1. … Joseph Smith would have been able to consistently, accurately, remember his visit from two separate supernatural beings, God the Father and Jesus the […]

Falling off yet another slippery slope.

Those who warn others about impending issues, problems, doom, or calamities are often chided and ridiculed for being alarmists, and are often told that mentioning the “slippery slope” is nothing more than a scare tactic. It seems that to some, mentioning the “slippery slope” is a debate-killer much like when someone uses “Hitler” or “Nazis” […]

Are they inferior or equal?

During the brief months since we returned from our mission trip to Liberia, West Africa, we have been blessed with the places we have visited and the people we have met. Each church has been more than generous even though we have never asked for a single penny in any of them, and the bulk […]

Sermonof the week: “Preaching the Gospel Message” by John MacArthur

 Your sermon of the week is Preaching the Gospel Message by John MacArthur. This sermon delivered at the 2007 Resolved conference outlines how God sovereignly uses weak and foolish messengers to employ the foolish means of preaching about the foolishness of the cross all to accomplish God’s sovereign will in His plan of salvation.

A Beautiful Picture of the Early Church

There is so much error in the record of Christian history, due to various factors – not the least of which is the temporal supremacy of the Roman Catholic “Church” for many years. Yet truth will not be wiped off the face of the Earth any more than God’s remnant – for He preserves His people […]

The Spirit of the Age

I was going to post this as a response to this: but decided it warrants its own post. Many people have been misled by folk about how to find out the will of God – as if He’s hidden it from us and left us to our own devices. Throughout human history, folks have neglected […]

Mark Driscoll’s Madness

Ok, this one has pushed me over the edge with Mr. Driscoll. I have had issues with his methods and his personal witness, the way he talks from the pulpit, and so on…but this is a whole new level for me. This link takes you to the Pyromaniacs Blog where Phil Johnson posted this today…It […]

Evangelism, Facebook, and modesty.

What does evangelism, Facebook, and modesty have in common? More than you may think. Thanks to Trish Ramos for daring to touch this taboo issue affecting the church. I wish more women like Trish would take a stand with the few men who have already dared to address this problem. Together we’d still comprise only […]

Quotes (900)

You may speak of religion in a general way, of preachers, of churches, of missions, of societies, for doing good, and still be popular; but speak of the Lord Himself, of His precious blood, of the full assurance of salvation, of oneness with Him in heaven, of separation from the world, and you will greatly […]

Nope. Never.

You hear Mormons say it all the time whenever you challenge any of their doctrines: “We never attack other faiths.” Or, “We never disparage other religions.” Or, “We’re too busy sharing the gospel to be negative about other people’s beliefs.” For those who know better, these words are usually uttered out of either a profound […]

Edging closer to Revelation 13?

Revelation 13:16-18 And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who […]

Sermon of the week: “The Great White Throne Judgment” by Steve Lawson

Wow. Your sermon of the week, The Great White Throne Judgment by Steve Lawson, is a riveting reminder of what’s to come for the unrepentant, and why it’s so imperative that we never tire of sharing the gospel with the unsaved, because it will be an incredibly terrifying thing to fall into the hands of […]

Happy birthday DefCon.

Defending Contending turns four years old today. This blog began on August 10, 2007 as Reformation Nation. It then had a name change a year later on August 15, 2008 and officially became Defending Contenting. It was at this time that DefCon also welcomed contributing writers. In honor of the event I’ve changed the current […]

Paul Washer answers a young man’s question about election.

Public Schools are criminal operations

From the Gunn Brothers – – comes a new film, Indoctrination. Samuel Blumenfeld, former fan of public schools, is featured in this new film from Colin Gunn. I first became aware of Blumenfeld decades ago through this book. He is a firm advocate of God’s plan for children and is bold about sin.  In […]