Defending, Contending – what?

I recently started reading K. Scott Oliphant’s new book, The Battle Belongs to the Lord. Chapter 2 is an examination of the book of Jude and the author does an excellent job of explaining what we (those who are redeemed by the blood of Christ) are to defend and why we are to do so. He also describes the people and the motivation of those who “crept in unnoticed” and pose a danger to the church.

The exegesis of Jude in worth the price of the book. Here’s a taste for your condiseration:

“Jude’s description of the enemies who have made their way into the church is illuminating. He does not describe them as merely worldly people. … They [are people who] know the tradition and can “speak the language.” … The reference to Korah would have been particularly stunning to Jude’s readers (see Numbers 16 and 26.) … To put it (Korah’s rebellion) in New Testament terms, Korah used his leadership position in the church to exalt himself and his own agenda.”

Reading this chapter reminded me of a 28 minute message from a dear brother, introducing Jude. Listen to this message, buy the book. Then you will have a better understanding – perhaps an initial understanding – of why it is important to contend for the faith and what that faith is.

About Stuart Brogden

Reformed Baptist, married to one woman since 1978, enjoy camping, motorcycle riding, solid books that assist in understanding the Word of God, fellowship with the Lord's saints, and some classical music. A wretch saved by grace, with nothing to give my Lord except my sin. Desire to make the gospel known and shepherd some of the Lord's sheep.

2 comments on “Defending, Contending – what?

  1. Makes me want to study Jude more indepth more for my soul, as a reminder. Thank you brother.

  2. Slim – I agree and think we all tend to accept too shallow an understanding of the Word of God, being satisfied with an appetizer when He bids us feast and drink deeply of His endless wisdom, grace, love, and judgment.

    Grace and peace in Christ alone my brother.

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