Pay no attention the the government education professionals behind the curatin.

Here is a quote from a great article by Bruce Shortt writing for WorldNet Daily:

“Of course, evidence of catastrophic educational failure is always dismissed by highly trained education professionals by alternately screeching ‘socio-economic status’ and ‘demographics.’ These phrases are the education establishment’s equivalent of squid’s ink: When cornered by inconvenient facts, shouts of ‘socio-economic status’ and ‘demographics’ usually allow highly trained education professionals to create confusion and slip away quietly from embarrassing revelations about what they have done to the children entrusted to them.”

Read the entire article here.

2 comments on “Pay no attention the the government education professionals behind the curatin.

  1. Truer words never spoken

    We spend more money on education that any other nation on Earth – far more. Yet our children continue to fall behind some of the poorest nations of the World.

  2. Those poor results are most likely explainable as being caused by evolutionary pressures combined with global warming via mechanisms not yet clearly understood by science, but which will nevertheless someday be discovered as government sponsored research into shrimp running on tiny treadmills sheds much needed light upon the bio-chemical responses in human brains to monotonous, repetitive, external environmental stimuli.

    The bottom line? We need more taxpayer funding for education. Oh, and fewer homeschoolers.


    In Christ,

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