Morality without God?

The following article is from World Magazine:

Confirmation of biblical wisdom came earlier this fall from an unlikely source: an Ivy League savant who says it’s wrong to depend on the Bible.

The prestigious Oxford University Press sent me the new book Morality Without God by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, a Dartmouth professor. (I’m going to quote him a lot, so I’ll use his initials.) WSA begins by complaining that his students quote to him Dostoevsky’s favorite line, “If God is dead, everything is permitted.” WSA then argues that we don’t need God: We all should simply agree not to harm others—cause death, pain, or disability—unless there is “adequate reason.”

Wondering if WSA is one of those exceedingly rare secular professors with the courage to be pro-life, I emailed him to ask. He responded that there is no “simple solution to this complex problem . . . the moral problem of abortion cannot be solved by citing religious texts or religious leaders.”

Hmm . . . How can it be solved? WSA wrote, “What matters is the present and future harm to the fetus and others. This does not solve the problem, but it tells us where to focus our discussions. I hope this helps.”

Hmm . . . It helps only if WSA can tell us how to compare “harm to the fetus” (death) to other harms, so I emailed him again. He responded, “The bottom line is that I think some moral problems are insoluble. . . . They are just too difficult for us to figure out. . . . The answer, ‘I do not know,’ should become common.”

Read the entire article here.

5 comments on “Morality without God?

  1. Even though I thoroughly distrust the folks who paid for its production, the movie, http://www.timechangermovie.com/ powerfully demonstrated the point that removing the Author of Truth (and morality) from His teaching leads to wide spread disregard for both the teaching and its Author.

    WSA is merely validating what the movie – and the Bible – teach about man.

  2. Morality without God always ends up being just one person’s opinion over another’s.

  3. “…we don’t need God: We all should simply agree not to harm others—cause death, pain, or disability—unless there is “adequate reason.”

    First part of this sounds like John Lennon (“Imagine”). Which inevitably leads to the second part, practiced by Communism.

  4. Who gets to decide if there is a reason?

  5. Glenn:

    As always, the ones with the most power.

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