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What is the shape of your brain?

Can you guess who said the following? “The question then arises, if the world cannot approach God in prayer, what is the method by which He draws men? The Scriptures say that no man can come unto Christ except the Father draw him. (John 6:44.) The answer is that the drawing cannot be done though […]

God loves you the way you are . . . even steeped in sin?

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Let us take care that we do not regard a magnificent funeral as an atonement for a life wasted in carelessness and sin. We may bury a man in the most expensive style, and spend thousands of dollars in mourning. We may place over his grave a costly marble stone, and inscribe on it a […]

Sermon of the week: “Predestination and Infants” by Brian Borgman.

Brian Borgman delves into the controversial subject of what happens when infants die, in your sermon of the week entitled Predestination and Infants.

The infamous Book of Abraham.

To learn more about this subject, watch the one hour documentary The Lost Book of Abraham here for free.

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It is impossible to measure the harm done to the Protestant cause through the retention of paedobaptism. The Reformed churches profess to be governed solely by Scripture, but so long as they continue baptizing babies, so long will they be taunted by Roman Catholics (and others) for their manifest inconsistency. . . . . Baby […]

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Exposing error is most unpopular work. But from every true standpoint it is worthwhile work. To our Savior, it means that He receives from us, His blood-bought ones, the loyalty that is His due. To ourselves, if we consider “the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt,” it ensures future reward, a […]

Jonathan Edwards taught “Salvation by Works”!!!

All the “Easy-Believers®” who want to toss men like John MacArthur and Paul Washer under the bus for teaching that the life of a true Christian will be radically different from a Non-Christian because the believer’s life will be marked by repentance from sin, obedience to Christ, and “fruits worthy of repentance”–these “Easy-Believers®” will also […]

Is this you?

You look at a beautiful painting and you say to yourself, “There must have been a painter.” You look at a motor vehicle of great workmanship and you say to yourself, “There must have been a manufacturer.” You look at a meticulously detailed statue and you say to yourself, “There must have been a sculptor.” […]

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You and I can choose to continue with business as usual in the Christian life and in the church as a whole, enjoying success based on the standards defined by the culture around us. Or we can take an honest look at the Jesus of the Bible and dare to ask what the consequences might […]

Sermon of the week: “The Judiazers” by Phil Johnson.

Your sermon of the week is the first in a five-part series entitled A Survey of Heresies. Every two weeks DefCon will be bringing you the next installment in this series from Phil Johnson on the top five major heresies that have plagued the church since its inception, and continues to rear its ugly head […]

How to brainwash a nation and a people.

Very interesting video clip, on so many levels; especially when you realize how many Christians have been seduced–thinking “conservative” politicians are somehow the answer to this nation’s dilemmas. We’re headed to one conclusion, regardless of who’s in power . . . one will just get us there faster than the other.

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You must understand that there is only one door to salvation, and that is Christ; there is one way, and that is Christ; one truth, and that is Christ; one life, and that is Christ. Salvation lies in Jesus only; it does not lie in you, in your doings, or your feelings, or your knowings, […]

Jesus IS Lord in Acts

Next in this series, we look through the Book of Acts to see that Jesus is declared to be “Lord” there. The clearest examples are placed first, here: Acts 2:34-36—“For David did not ascend into the heavens, but he says himself: ‘The LORD said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand, till I make […]

The poorest man in the world.

The following sobering piece comes from the Fruin family currently serving as missionaries in Mexico: _____________________________ The Meeting It was dusk on Friday evening as we were driving up the dirt road that we call the short-cut to our home that sits in the middle of a ranch in northern Mexico. We were on an uphill, […]

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Modern Roman Catholicism is the monstrous tree that sprang from the acorn of the Judiazers. – Phil Johnson

Jesus Our High Priest – Part 11

We are pleased to continue the Saturday Sermon Series again. This is the eleventh in a series of messages from John 17. It was sovereignly delivered by Akash Sant Singh, who is one of the elders at Community Bible Church in Reno, Nevada. May it bring conviction to each of us as we realize our […]

Was Jonah a false prophet?

What’s one of the first things a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness says when you point out the plethora of false prophecies uttered by their leaders? “Well, Jonah was a false prophet!” As if Jonah being a false prophet would somehow  give their leaders license to make as many false prophecies as they desire. But did […]

Sermon of the week: “A Tale of Two Sons” by John MacArthur.

Your sermon of the week is a wonderful exposition of the parable of the prodigal son like you’ve never heard before, entitled A Tale of Two Sons. This sermon by John MacArthur was delivered at the 2006 Resolved Conference. I found this to be a delightfully fresh teaching on this well-known parable, an insight that […]

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“The whole strength of the personal life, the personal spirit, is to be so gripped by the Spirit of God that we begin to comprehend His meaning. It is always risky to use a phrase with a fringe, a phrase that has a kernel of definite meaning but a fringe of something that is not […]

The Child: America’s Battle for the Next Generation.

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If we don’t teach our children how to behave, Bart Simpson will. Turn off the TV, and hand your kids a book. – Voddie Baucham

Does the Book of Mormon really contain the “fullness of the gospel?”

The following is from Rocky of Mormon Outreach as found on Facebook: If the Book of Mormon contains the “Fulness [sic] of the Gospel” why aren’t these Mormon Doctrine essentials listed in the Book of Mormon? 1. Church organization 2. Plurality of Gods 3. Plurality of wives doctrine 4. Word of Wisdom 5. God is […]

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Does reason show the First Cause to be one or plural? If one: whence the strong tendency to polytheism? This may be explained in part by the craving of the common mind for concrete ideas. We may add the causes stated by Turretin: That man’s sense of weakness and exposure prompts him to lean upon […]

What is the gospel?

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I know very many decent people who seem to have resolved never to come to Christ until they can understand how the doctrine of election is consistent with the free invitation of the Gospel. I might just as well determine never to eat a morsel of bread until it has been explained to me how […]

It’s better for Timmy.

Thanks to Revival And Reformation for posting this sobering piece: This fictitious “letter” was taken from the book ‘Facts of the Matter, Daily Devotions for the Marketplace‘, by Dwight Hill. “‘Dear Mom: ‘Gosh, can you believe it’s 2023 already?…It seems just yesterday I was sitting in first grade celebrating the century change. I know we […]

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Knowledge of the truth will bring division. Those who follow Jesus by abiding in his Word will be divided from those who do not. . . . Doctrine divides believers from unbelievers. Without doctrine there will be no division. –          Mike Gendron

Jesus Our High Priest – Part 10

We are pleased to continue the Saturday Sermon Series again. This is the tenth in a series of messages from John 17. It was sovereignly delivered by Akash Sant Singh, who is one of the elders at Community Bible Church in Reno, Nevada. May it bring conviction to each of us as we realize our […]

For your information.

Aside from our new look, here are three things I wanted to notify DefCon readers about: 1). We’ve updated our  Rules of Engagement page. The revisions were performed solely for the purpose of clarity. 2). For those who are new to DefCon you can also find us on FaceBook. 3). WordPress has recently provided a […]