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Sermon of the week: “Fine Sounding Arguments” by Thabiti Anyyabwile.

Your sermon of the week is a fine message by Thabiti Anyabwile entitled Fine Sounding Arguments. The subtitle of this message is How Wrongly ‘Engaging the Culture’ Adjusts the Gospel.

Anyabwile deals with the propensity of so many Christians to “engage the culture” in ways that are not biblical, and he examines not only what “engaging the culture” should be, but he shows how current culture-engaging methods may actually be counter-productive to the message of the cross.

A very well formulated and delivered sermon; it will make you rethink what you’ve been conditioned to believe about our role as believers in relation to how we are to engage the culture.

One comment on “Sermon of the week: “Fine Sounding Arguments” by Thabiti Anyyabwile.

  1. I watched this message back in April, when it was first released. Wow! I had read Anyabwile’s book about being a good church member, but this sermon blew me away. I have much respect for Mr. Anyabwile and encourage all who claim Christ to listen to this message.

    Turn away from fables and tales that tickle sinful ears and look with rejoicing and humility unto Christ – He, as described in the Bible, is unique and alone is sufficient for all things.

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