5 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Nice Guy.

  1. papapatriot says:

    Did one guy say? “For God so loved the world that He gave is only forgotten Son.”
    Ray Comfort and the gang do a great service to the Church.

  2. Yeah papapatriot,

    You’ve read that in the Bible, haven’t you? That comes after the part where David uses the axe of the apostles to kill Goliath. Of course both of these events occurred well after Moses and his wife, Joan of Ark, survived the flood with two of each kind of animal on a big boat – which is how Joan got her last name. ;)

    In Him,

  3. Mickey Merrie says:

    Nice reciepe for “salvation.”
    …But isn’t it all His Work? Looks like anyone following this reciepe is saved…Simple right?!?! Question? Ever bake something, following a reciepe and find it didn’t come out the way you planned? What went wrong? I followed the reciepe! Sometimes it is a mis-understanding of it…Sometimes a mis-application of it, sometimes it is a bad ingredients, or a bad reciepe. Sometimes it works…

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