“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–The Series

“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Romans (part 1)
“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Romans (part 2)
“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–1st Corinthians
“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–2nd Corinthians
“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Galatians
“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Ephesians
“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Philippians
“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Colossians
“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–1st & 2nd Thessalonians
“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–1st & 2nd Timothy, Titus

2 comments on ““Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–The Series

  1. Excellent series. Comprehensive and clear. When Paul speaks in the Bible, it is really the Holy Spirit speaking through Paul. Therefore, the Scriptural Words attributed to Paul carry the same authority, infallibility, and profitability as the Words attributed to Jesus of Nazareth, and of all the human instruments used by God to speak and write Holy Scripture.

  2. Remember also that Paul did not walk with Jesus, while the other apostles did. Since he did not have any quotes in his memories from which to draw (except for his encounter on the road to Damascus), he had to rely on what the Holy Spirit told him.

    Please visit my blog, “Tradition Or Truth?” at http://www.traditionortruth.wordpress.com

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