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Meet Mr. Nice Guy.

HT:  Sheep Following Him

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I am told that, years ago above the Falls of Niagra, a boat was upset, and two men were being carried down by the current. Persons on the shore managed to float a rope out to the men, who both seized the rope. One of them held fast to it and was safely drawn to […]

Sermon of the week: “Fine Sounding Arguments” by Thabiti Anyyabwile.

Your sermon of the week is a fine message by Thabiti Anyabwile entitled Fine Sounding Arguments. The subtitle of this message is How Wrongly ‘Engaging the Culture’ Adjusts the Gospel. Anyabwile deals with the propensity of so many Christians to “engage the culture” in ways that are not biblical, and he examines not only what […]

Compromising with a cult.

Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Matthew 24:11 Here is a brief but shocking article from Presbyterian Pastor Jay Moses (whose profile says that he “comes from an ecumenical past“) that you must read to believe: Reflections from Nauvoo by Pastor Jay I have always found two things in life to be […]

How great Thou art.

And still, man, in the wickedness of his heart, is so depraved that he has the audacity to shake his fist at the sky and proclaim God doesn’t exist . . . or he goes to church and lives his life like God doesn’t exist.

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Sin! That “abominable thing,” which the Lord hates (Jeremiah 44:4), is regarded so lightly by those who commit it. Sin! It caused our first parents to be banished from Eden and is responsible for all the woe in the world. Sin! It produces strife and bloodshed and has turned this “land of the living” into […]

Old Mormon vs New Mormon: The Missouri Prophecies

Another DefCon exclusive: What happens when a 19th century Mormon meets a 21st century Mormon? Find out in the first installment of the new series: “Old Mormon vs New Mormon.” And when we get into Jackson county to walk in the courts of that house, we can say we built this temple; for as the […]

“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–The Series

“Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Romans (part 1) “Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Romans (part 2) “Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–1st Corinthians “Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–2nd Corinthians “Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Galatians “Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Ephesians “Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Philippians “Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–Colossians “Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–1st & 2nd Thessalonians “Paul Never Quoted Jesus”–1st & 2nd Timothy, Titus

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“Should not every Christian be expected by his ninth or tenth year to know all the holy Gospels, containing as they do his very name and life? A spinner or a seamstress teaches her daughter her trade while she is young, but now even the most learned prelates and bishops do not know the Gospel. […]

At what point would you walk out of this church, or would you?

In this snippet, at what point would you walk out? During the rock concert “worship,” the Christless, it’s–all-about-you pep talk, or the offering of a free week gym membership? Or would you sit through it all believing that this is somehow the same Christianity that 2,000 years of martyrs have shed their blood for?

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Study God in the creatures as well as in the Scriptures. The primary use of the creatures, is to acknowledge God in them; they were made to be witnesses of Himself and His goodness, and to be heralds of His glory, whose glory of God as Creator “shall endure forever” (Psalm 104:31). . . .  […]

Sermon of the week: “The Doctrine of Salvation – Justification” by Brian Borgman.

Your sermon of the week is a great message on justification by Brian Borgman. This sermon also contains the Are You a Roman Catholic or Christian quiz that was featured on DefCon two days ago. I recommend that before you download/stream this two-part sermon, that you take the quiz first. For those who took the […]

Are you a Roman Catholic or a Christian?

Are you a Roman Catholic or a Christian? Grab pen and paper and take the following ten-question quiz (formulated by Dr. J. Ronald Blue of Dallas Theological Seminary). How you do will determine whether you’re a Roman Catholic or a Christian. Choose the position which is most true: 1: A). God gives a man right […]

Phil Johnson on MacArthur and “Lordship Salvation”

In the whole debate over “Lordship Salvation”, John MacArthur has had a big red target painted on him, and those who teach “easy-believism” have strung him up and flung him into the depths of Hell because of one paragraph of one book he wrote 7 years ago (“Hard To Believe”). See, the “easy-believer®” doesn’t want […]

The American Dream is NOT for Christians!

I was overwhelmed as I heard this brief clip. David Platt, pastor The Church at Brook Hills, is correct as he ministers in a way that is not designed to tickle itching ears. Being a true Christian demands radical obedience to the commands of Christ. It is from the cross, and NOT from a bed […]

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We live in a society that increasingly drifts toward the form rather than the substance, which embraces the superficial, lives to play, will pay almost any amount of money to be amused, and prizes fun as the highest pursuit of life. Conviction has been replaced by thrill and few seem to notice. . . . […]

Why does everything have to be dumbed down for kids?

While Jewish kids are memorizing the Torah and Muslim kids are memorizing the Koran, these kids are being entertained to death by singing hot dogs and hamburgers, and their parents, youth leaders, and church think all is well.

A family of families.

Here’s an excellent article from Voddie Baucham in response to those who inaccurately and unfairly misrepresent Family Integrated Churches. Is the Church a Family of Families? Part One: Any church that does not look like the ‘norm’ is always trying to explain itself.   This is a fact we know all too well at Grace Family […]

Jesus Our High Priest – Part 8

We are pleased to continue the Saturday Sermon Series again. This is the eighth in a series of messages from John 17. It was sovereignly delivered by Akash Sant Singh, who is one of the elders at Community Bible Church in Reno, Nevada. May it bring conviction to each of us as we realize our […]

Public school field trip to a mosque.

Shocking video. As if we needed one more reason to home educate our children. HT: Revival & Reformation

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Let us beware of the beginnings of backsliding, however small. We never know what we may come to, if we once leave the king’s highway. The professing Christian who begins to say of any sin or evil habit, “it is but a little one,” is in imminent danger. He is sowing seeds in his heart, […]

Is God green?

As a follow-up to yesterday’s sermon of the week by John MacArthur on creation (which touched on environmentalism), here’s a twenty minute radio interview with Phil Johnson on Christians and the distraction of environmentalism simply entitled, Is God Green? For more on this subject I encourage you to check out these previous DefCon posts: Priorities […]

Sermon of the week: “A Theology of Creation” by John MacArthur.

Two weeks ago we concluded our evolution / creation series by John MacArthur entitled The Battle for the Beginning. As a follow-up to that series I present this week’s sermon of the week by John MacArthur entitled A Theology of Creation. This is a great message that covers the subject of creation, evangelicals who reject […]

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If we’re not attracting the same people that Jesus attracted, it’s because we’re not preaching the same message that Jesus preached. – Tullian Tchividijian

The state of the youth of the church.

When we decry the current condition of the youth in our churches (and the church as a whole) we are usually met with angry resistance. Now the condition of the youth (and the church) has gotten so bad that even secular news outlets are sitting up and taking notice. The Wall Street Journal has recently […]

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Sin goes in a disguise, and thence is welcome; like Judas, it kisses and kills; like Joab, it salutes and slays. – George Swinnock 1627 – 1673

While this nation slumbers (video).

While many in this country with a left-leaning political slant bemoan the security threats to this nation–placing unwarranted suspicion at the feet of Evangelical Christians, home educators, talk radio, gun owners, war vets, etc.–they remain strangely (and suspiciously) silent regarding the only real threat–the same threat that keeps spewing its venomous hate speech day after […]

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“Be ye separate” – 2 Cor. 6:17 The Christian, while in the world, is not to be of the world.  He should be distinguished from it in the great object of his life.  To him, “to live”, should be “Christ”.  Whether he eats, or drinks, or whatever he does, he should do all to God’s […]

Jesus Our High Priest – Part 7

We are pleased to continue the Saturday Sermon Series again. This is the seventh in a series of messages from John 17. It was sovereignly delivered by Akash Sant Singh, who is one of the elders at Community Bible Church in Reno, Nevada. May it bring conviction to each of us as we realize our […]

America’s first 9/11.

(Journal of Discourses, volume 3, page 247) For more reading on the subject, check out the online book Mountain Meadows Massacre. For more on the Mormon doctrine of Blood Atonement see: The Mormon doctrine of Blood Atonement as taught by Brigham Young. The doctrine of Blood Atonement as taught by the Mormon organization. Also check […]