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In order to justify their failure to bring their little children to the covenant meal, paedobaptists appeal to the strictures of 1 Corinthians 11:28-29, 31, wherein “a man ought to examine himself before he eats of the bread and drinks of the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without recognizing the body of the […]

Book recommendation: “Terror at Beslan” by John Giduck.

“For a single religion to spawn so much hatred, so much inhuman capacity to commit violence against the innocent–even if those innocent are the citizens of a perceived enemy nation or culture–there must must be a cause. That cause cannot be the preaching of tolerance and peace so often ascribed to it.” – Terror at […]

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It is possible for a Christian to act at times like a lost man, especially when he is still a “babe in Christ,” but this is a far cry from saying that a true Christian can live his entire life like a lost man. – Charles Leiter

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.

If you only watch one documentary on Islam, make it Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West. I’ve included all ten parts of this shocking documentary below, including the film trailer and a clip of what those in the media are saying about it. What the news media is saying about the film: Film Trailer: […]

Scam Into Blessing – Part 19

Early on Saturday morning, a crowd began to gather just outside of Pastor Togba’s property. Some music was being played and I recognized a couple of what sounded like gospel tunes. It was not long before a crowd gathered to listen to something being said over a loudspeaker. I had been watching people stop to […]

Examining the Christian Horror novel genre with Ted Dekker’s “The Bride Collector.”

In the past, we’ve covered such oxymoronic concepts as Christian Goth, Christian Fight Clubs, Christian Spice Girls performances, and Christian Poker Tournaments, now the latest incompatible hobby to distract cultural Christians is Christian Horror. Kevin Swanson, in this 26-minute audio clip, takes on one such novel by Ted Dekker entitled The Bride Collector. You will […]

Quotes (759)

Here is a pattern that all ministers ought to follow. Publicly and privately, from the pulpit and in private visits, they ought to rebuke all open sin, and deliver a faithful warning to all who are living in it. It may give offence. It may entail immense unpopularity. With all this they have nothing to […]

Sermon of the week: “Creation, Day 2″ by John MacArthur.

Your sermon of the week is Creation, Day 2 by John MacArthur from his series The Battle for the Beginning. We’ve been featuring this series every other week on DefCon. The next installment will be in two weeks.

While you were sleeping.

“Paul never quoted Jesus” (Romans part 1)

What is the refrain we always hear from the theological liberal or the Emerging guru, or Purpose-Driven™ Pied Piper who is sooooo much smarter than us knuckle-dragging fundamentalists? The same, tired, lame old, “Paul preached a different gospel than Jesus” or “Paul was setting up a religion to compete with Christianity” or–as the title of […]

How to fill the church with false converts (satirical video).

Quotes (758)

“We will deal treacherously with the Bible records if we are not soaked in the revelation that God alone is good. We will put the saints on the throne, not God. There is only one unshakeable goodness, and that is God. It takes time to get there because we will cling to things and to […]

Mormon church releases statement on Blood Atonement.

The ever-changing mainstream Mormon church has taken yet one more step to distance themselves from the original teachings of their church. This is just another step to appear more “Christian” as they reject the doctrinal roots of their founders. Can anyone recognize Mormonism anymore? Here’s the very brief article: The Church of Jesus Christ of […]

Quotes (757)

“For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among the nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth.” – Amos 9:9 Every sifting comes by divine command and permission.  Satan must ask leave before he can lay a finger upon […]

Scam Into Blessing – Part 18

Some of the women seemed to be upset, and I could not begin to imagine what the church leaders were thinking about what they had overheard. Twenty pairs of eyes followed me as I walked through their midst and off the veranda into the dusty African evening. Walking along the edge of Pastor Togba’s property, […]

Papacy Set to Recapture the United Kingdom

      Mother Rome has never been satisfied in looking back at her days of infamy when she sat as a gueen over the nations of the earth.  Instead, she is ever looking ahead devising means to once again reign supreme over all peoples of the world.  In light of this, a very important development is transpiring […]

Sermon of the week: “Evidences of Genuine Conversion” by Jonathan Sims.

Your sermon of the week, Evidences of Genuine Conversion, is another good one by Pastor Jonathan Sims of Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church in Tennessee.

Quotes (756)

Let it be a rule with us, in the reading of our Bibles, to study the types and ordinances of the Mosaic law with prayerful attention. They are all full of Christ. The altar–the scape-goat–the daily burnt-offering–the day of atonement, are all so many sign-posts pointing to the great sacrifice offered by our Lord on […]

Quotes (755)

One more factor in the abysmal lack of discernment today is a growing deterioration of the overall level of spiritual maturity in the church. As knowledge of God’s truth ebbs, people follow popular views. They seek feelings and experiences. They hunger for miracles, healings, and spectacular wonders. They grope for easy and instant solutions to […]

Another idol bites the dust.

We here at DefCon have reported in the past when idols have met there demise, like the large graven image being paraded around in a Romish church that came crashing to the ground and the statue of Moroni getting struck by lightening. Now, here’s the latest graven image to bite the dust (or should we […]

Quotes (754)

For so hath God contrived and constituted things, in his dispensations towards his own people, that when their love decays, and the exercises of it fail, or become weak, fear should arise; for then they need it to restrain them from sin, and to excite them to care for the good of their souls, and […]

Most Christians Cannot Explain their Faith, Says Apologist.

The following from an article at the Christian Post says what we’ve been warning about all along. The faith of most Christians, even that of many pastors, will not stand up to intellectual scrutiny, according to renowned apologist Josh McDowell. This is a concern because pastors’ inability to present biblical truth comprehensibly and relevantly has […]

Scam Into Blessing – Part 17

Later that afternoon, Pastor Togba was expecting another guest from America. The guest was coming from Maryland in the United States. The little church that was hosting this pastor was just about one mile down the road from Maranatha Baptist where Pastor Togba was the pastor. Like many small congregations, they did not have a […]

The testimonies of four (former) false converts.

HT: Crosstalk Blog

Quotes (753)

The temptation arises for a church to change, or at least hide, who they are so that they appeal to unchurched Harry. Additionally, the church is tempted to alter its message to correspond with what Harry wants to hear and thinks he needs. The end result is a felt-need gospel that appeals to Harry’s fallen […]

One of the oddest videos around.

This is one of those videos that’s beyond words. It leaves you wondering what in the world did I just witness? A Little Leaven calls it “Misadventures in Liturgical Dance,” but I call it “A Romish Mess.”

Sermon of the week “The How, Why, and When of Creation” by John MacArthur.

Your sermon of the week is the third edition of John MacArthur’s The Battle for the Beginning series with a two-part message entitled The How, Why, and When of Creation. The How, Why, and When of Creation (Part One) The How, Why, and When of Creation (Part Two)

“Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel, and their Ignorance Fest on Calvinism.”

As a follow-up to Brother Michael’s previous post on Chuck Smith (found here), I’m presenting an audio clip of a critique that James White did in response to an audio clip of Chuck Smith and other Calvary Chapel speakers in which they attacked the Doctrines of Grace, equated Calvinists to cultists, and even opposed God’s […]

Quotes (752)

Let us beware of attempting to add anything to the word of God, as necessary to salvation. It provokes God to give us over to judicial blindness. It is as good as saying that His Bible is not perfect, and that we know better than He does what is necessary for man’s salvation. It is […]

Experiencing God Through Deceitful Mysticism

Many today in the evangelical church speak as if they are daily receiving personal revelations from God much like the prophets of old.  God speaking not through his word, but rather directly to them. Thus establishing the individual as the source of truth whereby all others are rendered defenseless to counter any false prophecies, wild […]