Quotes (746)

Scripture declares clearly, and without a doubt, that there is only one cleansing agent for the sin of believers. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin (1 John 1:7). Yet, Rome diverts its people from the Savior’s blood and instead offers a place called purgatory as a dreadfully contrived hoax.

– Mike Gendron

2 thoughts on “Quotes (746)

  1. Amen, Mr. Gendron. However, let’s not be surprised about Rome – without their false doctrines of punishments and rewards handed out by their elite, they would have no power over the deceived who give them alms.

    Romans – Look unto Christ, He alone is the Priest to God’s people!

  2. When I learned about Purgatory several years ago, I thought what an asbolutely sad and hopeless doctrine of Rome! Oh goody! After dying you now get to spend eons in a firey place. What hope, eh? NOT. Its horrid and demonic because it totally denies the absolutely perfect and complete and sufficent atonement Christ made at the cross.

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