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Three years ago today.

It was three years ago today that I sat through my last Sunday at a seeker-sensitive, man-centered social club operating under the guise of a church. Prior to that liberating Sunday I had begun reading the Bible through; not just selected parts here and there, but book by book, chapter by chapter, line by line, […]

Quotes (735)

I honestly, for the life of me, do not understand how somebody who professes to be in Christ can still continue to take God’s name in vain. And I will tell you I hear it all the time. Not in the profane ways of the world but in using the word God as an expletive. […]

Sermon of the week: “The Coming Final Persecution” by Steve Lawson.

As a follow-up to last week’s post on the coming persecution (found here), we bring you DefCon’s sermon of the week. Steve Lawson discusses the uncomfortable subject of Christian persecution in the message  The Coming Final Persecution. This message is not just about persecution in general, but is more specifically about the coming final persecution […]

Scam Into Blessing – Part 7

Ruined vehicles, burned out buildings pockmarked with bullet and rocket holes, and destroyed bridges marked the highway as long-lasting evidences of the recent war. However, what kept the images alive were the road blocks every so often manned by UN troops sitting in their sandbagged positions carefully watching every person going by and maintaining a […]

Scam Into Blessing – Part 6

The trip had already been planned and Bro. Trexler asked if I would like to go with him and Pastor Togba up to Gbarnga. This town is located in Bong County and was the main headquarters for the rebel groups during the long civil war. To get there, you travel through the town of Kakata […]

Quotes (734)

Those who think that unsound ministers ought never to be exposed and held up to notice, and men ought never to be warned against them, would do well to study this passage. No class of character throughout our Lord’s ministry seems to call forth such severe denunciation as that of false pastors. The reason is […]

What is man?

What is man that You are mindful of him? (Psalm 8:4) Here’s the information behind this spectacular photograph of a “three-light-year-tall pillar of gas and dust“ from the Hubble space telescope. NASA is releasing today a brand new Hubble photo of a small portion of one of the largest seen star-birth regions in the galaxy, […]

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There is an itching, nowadays, after originality, striking out a path for yourself. When sheep do that, they are bad sheep. Sheep follow the shepherd; and, in a measure, they follow one another when they are all together following the shepherd. Our Great Master never aimed at originality; he said that he did not even […]

Scam Into Blessing – Part 5

The problem with prejudice is that it is pervasive. Its evil tentacles work their way down into the inner most part of your being. While your God-given conscience is screaming for attention and pointing out the error of your ways, prejudices become part of who you choose to become. Prejudices take many forms, but the […]

Mormon Glenn Beck to give graduation speech at Liberty University.

More proof that the Dominionost segment within American Christianity places the preservation of Christ-less morality and the American dream above that of sound doctrine and the purity of the gospel. Here’s the piece from the Liberty University website.

Another black cloud moving in from the horizon.

As a follow-up to The Brewing Storm and the Coming Demise of DefCon, Another Clap of Thunder, and I Feel Raindrops, I now submit for your consideration more proof of the coming storm of persecution against true Biblical Christianity. Although I don’t agree with everything he says (i.e. what appears to be his Dominionist view), […]

Quotes (732)

If you cannot come to Christ with a tender heart and burdened conscience, then come to Him for them. – A.W. Pink 1886 – 1952

Sermon of the week: “Ministry in an Age of Itching Ears” by John MacArthur.

Today’s sermon is another great one from John MacArthur entitled Ministry in an Age of Itching Ears.  This is not a message that most American pastors would appreciate; which is precisely why it’s DefCon’s sermon of the week.

Scam Into Blessing – Part 4

Leaving with Pastor Togba and Bro. Trexler, we headed across Monrovia. To understand a little better what I saw next, the reader should be aware that Liberia had been one of the most modern countries in West Africa, if not in the entire continent. Running water, sewage, and electricity was common place, particularly in the […]

The plight of Paul and Zabeth Bayne.

I wanted to share with the readers of DefCon a sad story concerning a Christian family in Canada. This was brought to my attention by a faithful reader of DefCon, Paul Bayne, and this is his story. A Surrey family that had their three children seized by the government of British Columbia in October of […]

Quotes (731)

In the creation, man was made in God’s image; in the incarnation God was made in man’s image. . . . He took our flesh that He might take our sins, and so appease God’s wrath. . . . Christ’s taking our flesh was one of the lowest steps of His humiliation. . . . […]

Scam Into Blessing – Part 3

Ok, here it is for those who could not wait for Wednesday, April 21! LOL ************* With the inability to adjust to the heat, and adding more mosquitoes to the local death toll, I finally got up around 5:30am and prepared for the day. Walking across a floor that I considered to be far from […]

Scam Into Blessing – Part 2

Prior to my departure for Liberia, my parents were obviously concerned about the possibility of their son being in West Africa, and had made contact on my behalf with ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelization). The director passed on the details of a native Liberian, Pastor James Togba. Pastor Togba is the pastor of […]

Quotes (730)

The loathsome carcass does not more hatefully swarm with crawling maggots, than an unsanctified soul with filthy lusts. Look backward; where was ever the place, what was ever the time, in which you did not sin? Look inward; what part or power can you find in your soul or body which is not poisoned with […]

Sermon of the week: “Saving Faith: Genuine or False?” by Steven Cole.

Your sermon of the week is Saving Faith: Genuine or False? by Steven Cole of Flagstaff Christian Fellowship ( This is a great exposition on the erroneously ‘supposed conflict’ between James and Paul on the matter of justification.

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So much of the music invading the churches today seems little more than a carnal imitation of the world. There is very little difference between that which is presented on the church platform and that which is presented on the television or the worldly floor show—except of course, that “religious” words are uttered rather than […]

Another CCM star comes crashing to earth.

As we’ve reported on numerous occasions in the past, the rot that is underlying in the Contemporary Christian Music industry seems to keep oozing to the surface as time marches on. We’ve seen numerous examples of this and it appears that there’s no end in sight for the skeletons falling out of the closet of […]

The Church of No Offense

[This article by Paul Proctor really speaks to so much of what we see in the church today.  The church that uses pragmatic and carnal means and foolishly believes that these flesly tools are going to do a spiritual work.  Sadly, this betrays a complete ignorance of the truth that faith cometh by hearing and hearing […]

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Christian mothers too often neglect their home-centered role for the empty promises of fulfillment in the workplace, while they warehouse their children in daycare centers. Parents send their children to secular schools where God is outlawed, and they allow them to watch trashy movies and listen to vile music—and hang out with those who do […]

Easter 2010.

Last Sunday was Resurrection Sunday (Easter) and I thought I’d give you a peak at what services were like at a few churches in America. SOS church had a message based on Avatar. You’re invited this Easter. Bring your family and friends to come and experience CHRIST IN 3D! The one true AVATAR! Granger church […]

The Coalescing of the Christian Right with Apostolic Dominionism

[Posting an article on Dominionism from  This being something that has been on my heart recently as I watch with rapt attention what is going on in the world.  No doubt evil is growing not only in America (and has been for years long before Obama) but also across the land as evil men and seducers wax […]

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Making a day’s excursion from Botzen, in the Tyrol [Swiss Alps], we went along the very narrowest of roads, mere alleys…Well, you may be sure that we did not engage an ordinary broad carriage, for that would have found the passage as difficult as the needle’s eye is to the camel; but our landlord had […]

Scam Into Blessing – Part 1

The Pilgrim has asked if I would be willing to post the account of my missions trip to Liberia, West Africa. I am thankful to be able to do this, and I hope that this will be an encouragement to each of the readers and bring honor and glory to our Saviour. ************** In January […]

Quotes (726)

Long ago I ceased to count heads. Truth is usually in the minority in this evil world. – Charles Spurgeon 1834 – 1892

Sermon of the week: “Jonah” by Randall Easter.

Your sermon of the week is simply entitled Jonah. I listened to this sermon after posting my short piece on Jonah (found here) and wish I had listened to it earlier. This is yet another powerful hour of preaching from Randall Easter. He pulls no punches as he steps on toes while preaching the gospel […]