6 thoughts on “How do you hide an 8 million dollar private jet?

  1. The SBC version of Joel Osteen is Ed Young, JR. – that’s the fella who is the subject here. His papa – Ed Young SR. is the pope of Houston and has his own list of issues.

    Please make it clear as to which pied piper you refer.

  2. Jeff H

    Thanks for the video. So many people defend those false teachers, not realizing how dangerous they and their man pleasing doctrines are.

  3. diane says:

    Thank you for making this known. What a religion of greed. I have a mother in law who has been giving Copeland a set amount of money every month for probably 30 years now. She is a widow in her 80’s and lives on a small income in a very small home. My husband and I have asked her to please stop doing this and associating herself with this “ministry” (to himself) and she will not. The depth of the loyalty is deep.
    Why can they not see these wolves for what they really are?

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