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Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina, the new rage of the Emergent Church as they run pell mell back to Rome.  The subject itself is very serious but sometimes laughter is much needed medicine to the soul.  In this light, I’ve included a link here for your listening enjoyment.  It is a satirical radio sketch of Rob Bell’s Lectio Divina by Marty Python’s Flying Circus Church […]

The Reformation View of Roman Catholicism

From the works of Martin Luther (1483-1546) What is the whole papacy but a beautiful false front and a deceptively glittering holiness under which the wretched devil lies in hiding? The devil always desires to imitate God in this way. He cannot bear to observe God speaking. If he cannot prevent it or hinder God’s […]

Scott Hodge and his hodge-podge of Roman Catholic meditative monastic heresy.

Chris Rosebrough is tackling an unbelievable issue that has crept into the church: The continued march backward into Romanism by supposed Evangelicals (some of which are the golden calves of Americanized Christianity) through the use of monastic meditation practices. He addresses this in his post Purpose-Driven Roman Catholic Monastic Mysticism (which is where I obtained […]

Quotes (691)

This is the thought that should be uppermost on your mind in all you do for your children. In every step you take about them, in every plan and scheme and arrangement that concerns them, do not leave out that mighty question, “How will this affect their souls?” – J.C. Ryle 1816 – 1900

Haiti – A Nation in Darkness Needing Light

As we all know Haiti has suffered a catastrophic earthquake that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, where countless additional lives hang in the balance due to lack of water, food and medical care.  What many may not know though is that Haiti is a nation in darkness, spiritual darkness as it is largely given over to […]

Jay Bakker and the art of manipulation.

So what do you do when you’re preaching to a church full of people and you want to persuade them to believe that a sin (that’s clearly defined in Scripture) isn’t really a sin? Well, if you’re Jay Bakker, you first go for the shock of it all then follow it up with making the […]

Quotes (689)

The Kingdom of Christ is a kingdom of mercy, grace, and goodness. The kingdom of the Pope is a kingdom of lies and damnation! – Martin Luther 1483 – 1546

Sermon of the week: “Sheep Among Wolves” by John MacArthur.

Your sermon of the week is a two part message by John MacArthur entitled Sheep Among Wolves. MacArthur identifies how to spot the wolves, what methods they will use to kill the sheep, and how the sheep should respond to the presence of wolves. I highly recommend this to the readers of DefCon. Sheep Among […]

Quotes (688)

Instead of the Bible’s masculine doctrine of salvation in which an initiating God acts with efficacious love to subdue His chosen people to Himself, much of the church now proclaims a passive God who offers His love but would not think of imposing His love on His bride. The pallid Jesus stands at the door […]

Islamic Paradise and Jesus

Video about the work of God in Islamic nations and a searcher for truth who places his faith in Jesus. Please pray for this very dangerous work and that Islam might fall not by the bloody sword of the Crusaders, or the bombs of the American military machine, but rather by the Living Word of […]

The peddler of false assurance.

Recently my grandfather was in the hospital for a week (it was looking pretty serious). On one of my visits to the hospital with my grandmother present, a nice white-haired man in a dress shirt and a tie entered the room. He introduced himself as a Eucharist Minister (I saw where this was going). He […]

DefCon introduces our latest resource for fellow pilgrims.

Over the past couple years DefCon has compiled a large cache of sermons available for free to download, and every Thursday we feature a new message for our Sermon of the week. So our repository of over 160 sermons continues to grow. Because of this DefCon now features a Sermons Page at the top of […]

Quotes (686)

“The next week,” says the sinner, “I will begin to be sober and temperate, serious and devout.” But the true sense of what he says is this, “I am fully bent to spend this present week in riot and excess, in sensuality and profaneness, or whatever vice it is that I indulge myself in.” And […]

“Let us flee, for the enemy of the truth is inside!!”

In the First Century AD, Cerinthus was a well-known heretic, being one of the early leaders of the Gnostic movement. John opposed him as fiercely as a man possible could (thus giving us a better example of how to deal with heretics than the many modern-day milquetoast “pastors” who think we need to buddy-up with […]

Roman Catholic Mysticism and the Emerging Church Reexamined

A very important presentation by Richard Bennett from Bearean Beacon given to an audience in London about Roman Catholic mysticism and its promotion by the Emerging/Emergent Church.  From the YouTube posting we read: Mysticism attempts to gain ultimate knowledge of God by a direct experience that bypasses the mind. Catholic mysticism, now officially married to the […]

As if we needed more proof that Joel Osteen is one of those false teachers the Bible warns us about.

Recently Joel Osteen “blessed” Annise Parker, the new mayor of Houston, Texas who is openly homosexual. (See articles here, here, and here.) “… We ask that everything we do would bring honor to you … and we just lift up especially Mayor Annise Parker. … Lord, we thank you just for raising her up and […]

Sacred or secular?

Can you identify which of the following three lyric excerpts come from Christian musical artists and which are from secular musical artists? I admit it won’t be easy, but differentiating between Christian lyrics and worldly lyrics shouldn’t be that difficult, right? For more, be sure to check out DefCon’s other Christian music lyrics quiz. 1. […]

Quotes (685)

The Law speaks of what man must do for God; grace tells of what Christ has done for men. The Law demanded righteousness from men; grace brings righteousness to men. The Law brought out God to men; grace brings in men to God. The Law sentenced a living man to death; grace brings a dead […]

Sermon of the week: “Solus Christus – The Supremecy of Christ in Salvation” by Brian Borgman.

Your sermon of the week is Solus Christus – The Supremecy of Christ in Salvation. This is part eight of a thirteen-part series on the Doctrines of Grace entitled Introduction to the Reformed Faith by Pastor Brian Borgman. Look for the each additional installment every couple weeks.

What exactly DOES John 1:1 say, anyway?

Disclaimer 1: I do not claim to be a Greek scholar. But I do know how to pay attention to men who are. For this post, I have been very careful to only speak on matters that I have properly researched, investigated, and which I properly understand. Any technical aspects of biblical Greek included in […]

Quotes (684)

For too long we have been committed to forms of evangelism that ignore the crucial discipleship element explicit in the Great Commission. We have been called to make disciples, not converts. – Voddie Baucham

Postmodern chemistry lab.

For those who enjoyed playing Postmodern Twister, now there’s the Postmodern Chemistry Set:

Quotes (683)

It is not enough to hear God’s voice, but we must obey. Obedience is a part of the honor we owe to God. . . . Obedience carries in it the lifeblood of religion. . . . Obedience without knowledge is blind, and knowledge without obedience is lame. . . . Saul thought it was […]

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Mormon church wishes to remind you that they’ve been racism-free for 31 years.

Isn’t “new revelation” about doctrine just grand? It’s like silly putty: so pliable in the hands of the “prophets” that they can overturn years of racist LDS traditions and teachings (including the prohibition against blacks in the priesthood) with one simple claim: God has changed His mind. And since this “new revelation” in June of […]

EE-Taow – It is Truth!

Words cannot express how one will be touched by this video that depicts the power of the gospel in ways that few of us have ever witnessed.  Prepare to shed copious tears in rejoicing in the power of the Great God whom we serve.   Because the video is from Veoh, I am unable to get it […]

A Catholic Funeral – The Dead Burying the Dead

Yesterday, I attended the funeral of an Aunt who died this past week.  And, as is true for any funeral, it was a sad time as yet another life has come to an abrupt end.  Never again will her voice be heard or will she be able to interact with the sons of men for the time […]

Roman Catholics copying Evangelicals?

A sad trend as of late is that many supposed professing Christians are unifying with and even returning to Rome (like a dog to its vomit) and taking many of the undiscerning with them. But what I find ironic is that while an exodus out of Biblical Christianity and into Roman Catholicism is taking place […]

Quotes (682)

The church is in a sad state today. Never mind the mainline denominations that have long-since abandoned biblical faith; we’re talking about the bible-believing church. Here, too often, we see much ado about nothing. There is talk of revival without the reality. The church today measures its success by the numbers on its rolls, the […]

The various first visions of Joseph Smith.

The following three-minute video is a great follow-up to Dear Mormon: Which version of the First Vision do you believe?

Sermon of the week: “Sola Fide – The Supremacy of God in Salvation” by Brian Borgman.

Your sermon of the week is Sola Fide – The Supremacy of God in Salvation by Brian Borgman. This is part seven of a thirteen-part series on the Doctrines of Grace entitled Introduction to the Reformed Faith. It seems that this series gets better and better with each installment. Look for the each additional installment […]