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The Dawkins Delusion: Is There Evidence for Dawkins?

For those who follow the evolution vs. creation debate you know about one of Darwin’s most militant disciples, Richard Dawkins.  Author of the book, The God Delusion, he spares few words in expressing his bitter hatred of even the remotest thought that there might be a creator or intelligent designer of the universe.  The question is, does Dawkins really exist […]

Youth ministry: A “50-year failed experiment.”

Like placing a trampoline next to a spiked fence, sometimes you just have to admit when a bad idea is a bad idea (especially when it’s very harmful to children). The Christian Post recently reported on a message from Scott T. Brown of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches ( in which he bravely went […]

Quotes (676)

The Gospel tells us that Christ died not for good people, who never did anything very bad, but for lost and godless sinners, who never did anything good. – A.W. Pink 1886 – 1952

VCP – Liberia – Sad News

Awhile back, we requested prayer for Pastor Philemon who is a national pastor working in the country of Liberia. He works through AFBM (African Fundamental Baptist Missions) and VCP (Village Church Planters). The pastor who heads up VCP is Sam Quapourlee. A few months back we requested prayer for his son, Vanni, who was involved […]

Sermon of the week: “Hell” by Don Kistler.

Similar to the impact of Tim Conway’s message on Hell (found on this post), your sermon of the week is another sobering one. Hell by Pastor Don Kistler is one of those sermons that everyone should hear if they take God and His wrath seriously–but prepare to be very uncomfortable.

Loophole allows mother to kill newborn baby

The following is a very disturbing story out of Virginia. A story that shows just how depraved the human heart truly is. And, how some politicians don’t care, just so long as they get re-elected. And, if this story gets enough national attention, it may just give us a glimpse into the mindset of many. […]

A Brave New World

The world in which we live today is indeed a brave new world.  One in which the majority of the masses have been lulled into sleep by the many “narcotics” lavished upon them in the form of endless entertainment, constant distraction, material excess and trivial pursuits.  Because of this the people, including sadly the majority of Christians, are […]

Why evangelism is so difficult in the United States.

Anyone who has spent any time doing street evangelism knows how discouraging it can be at times. A book I’m reading by Ken Ham and Brit Beemer entitled Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church And What You Can Do To Stop It helps us to better understand just why evangelism in America is […]

Quotes (675)

It is not the job of the youth pastor to evangelize my child—that’s my job. It is not the youth pastor’s job to equip (disciple) my child—it’s mine. And it is not the youth pastor’s job to send my child out to engage the world; you guessed it—that’s my job too. – Voddie Baucham

A Rebuke from Russia

Over ten years ago, persecuted Christians in Russia sent an urgent plea to the churches of America to stop sending their demonic rock music under the ruse that it is supposedly Christian.  It addition to this plea, they also issued a sharp rebuke to the blindness and worldliness of the countless ministers and ministries that promote this […]

Time-wasters by Richard Baxter.

I found the following at Berean Wife. Thief I: One of the greatest time-wasting sins consists of idleness or sloth. Thief II: The next thief or time-waster is excess of sleep. Thief III: The next thief or time-waster is an inordinate adorning of the body. Thief IV: Another time-wasting thief is unnecessary pomp and curiosity […]

Quotes (673)

In the creation, man was made in God’s image; in the incarnation God was made in man’s image. . . . He took our flesh that He might take our sins, and so appease God’s wrath. . . . Christ’s taking our flesh was one of the lowest steps of His humiliation. For Christ to […]

Sin: The reason for the season.

I recently heard Don Kistler make the statement that “sin is the reason for the season” and he is absolutely right. Christ coming to earth as a human wasn’t for . . . Your self-esteem . . . Your personal finances . . . Your financial success . . . Your gift exchange party . […]

To certain poor shepherds…

We always hear the story of Mary and Joseph and how they traveled to Bethlehem. And of course we see the Nativity scenes with the manger and Mary and Joseph and the wise men. True or False—the “wise men” were there at the manger when Jesus was born. False. But we just assume they were […]

Sola Scriptura (67)

Though all the peoples walk each in the name of his god, as for us, we will walk in the name of the LORD our God forever and ever. – Micah 4:5

Sermon of the week: “Christ the Lord” by Alistair Begg

Your sermon of the week is Christ the Lord by Alistair Begg.  This message is from his series The Gospel According to Luke and is a perfect sermon for Christmas. Enjoy.

A Roman Catholic with univeralist leanings vs. an Atheist on the topic of Christmas.

I found this short and interesting video debate between a Roman Catholic (who includes Evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons under the umbrella of “Christian”) and an Atheist on the subject of Christmas. The Roman Catholic is a Foxnews anchor, and the Atheist is from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Yes, the same Freedom From Religion Foundation […]

What is wrong with the prosperity “gospel”.

If you notice, at the end of the title there is a period–not a question mark. It is not great secret that the prosperity “gospel” is heresy. But, how do we explain just how many levels of heresy are involved in the TBN crowd’s twisting and perverting of God’s word for their own financial gain? […]

Christmas Perspectives.

Similar to the previous post Thanksgiving Perspectives, I wanted to take the opportunity to recommend that you keep the Christmas holiday in perspective. I offer the following two things I believe will help you to do this: Download and listen to this sobering message by Bill Wilson and view the video on this post.

Straw men should not play with fire.

There’s a new purveyor of false doctrine in town, and they’re using the same argument often used by Atheists to deny God’s justice and punishment of the wicked. The New Covenant Group argues against Hell using a famous but woefully ignorant line of argumentation commonly employed by those who deny God’s existence. Before I address […]

Catholic Apologists and Excommunication

The deeper you dig into the mire of Catholicism the more gems you discover.  Here is one I would like to share with you about how all the “layman” Catholic apologists of YouTube fame, the Web and elsewhere should be “bound in the fetters of excommunication” as they are violating one of their papal decrees.  […]

How Jesse Duplantis’ fictional Italian “Jesus” defends himself.

Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible

Text from YouTube: “Dr. Patton is the staff Geologist for the Qumran Plateu excavation in Israel, the site that produced the Dead Sea Scrolls some 2,000 years ago. These scrolls, perhaps the most significant archeological discovery of all time, have changed the way we view the Bible. Many have been led to believe that the […]

Quotes (672)

Paganism was a system of deceivableness. It was the worship of a false god, under the pretence of being the worship of the true God. But popery [Roman Catholicism] is a deceivableness on a scale far beyond that of paganism. The one was a counterfeit of the religion of the Gospel. Popery has … a […]

Rod Parsley: it was bound to happen sooner or later

A bad economy is never a good thing…….or is it? God used swarms of locusts to destroy the crops in Judah, in order that the people would stop depending on the sacrifices in the temple to cover their sins, and return to obedience to YHVH. Joel 1:13-14–“Gird yourselves and lament, you priests; wail, you who […]

Rick Warren’s Radicalis Conference

I want to give all of the DefCon contributors and readers enough time to get tickets for Saddleback’s latest conference, Radicalis (i.e “Radical Is” which you will find with a backward “R” on their website).  Here, in case reading your Bible, sound exposition, prayer, and a study of church history were not enough, you can now learn […]

The perfect Christmas gift for the postmodern in your life.

Quotes (671)

O, the work that sin has done in the world! This is the enemy that has brought in death; that has robbed and enslaved man, that has turned the world upside down, and sown the dissensions between man and the creatures, between man and man, yea, between man and himself, setting the physical part against […]

Second-grader sent home and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation for drawing a crucifix.

After a class was instructed to sketch something that reminded them of the Christmas holiday, one student drew a crucifix. Apparently, however, according to the godless government-run public school, not only did Christ’s birth have nothing to do with His birth (like they know anything about theology anyway), but it also warranted this child’s removal […]

NewSpring’s new motto: “We love to hear kids cuss!!”

If you want to know what really motivates and inspires Perry Noble–well, it’s not hearing a child say they love Christ. It isn’t hearing that a child stands up to kids who mock him for not giving in to peer pressure. And no, Perry Noble isn’t invigorated by watching the life of a former reprobate […]