Sermon of the week: “The Glory of the Gospel” by Art Azurdia.

bottomleft Your Wednesday sermon of the week is another must-hear. The Glory of the Gospel by Art Azurdia needs to be heard by everyone that shares the gospel (that should be all of us) and especially preachers and pastors. Thanks to The Atlantic Baptist for alerting me to this message.

4 comments on “Sermon of the week: “The Glory of the Gospel” by Art Azurdia.

  1. Thanks so much for posting this Pilgrim. I discovered Art a few years ago and really enjoy his solid preaching. I have to re-listen to this and get it to others.

  2. It was a good sermon. I would like to see more examples of why the Gospel is all we need to preach. It was good in the example of not preaching evangelism only to the lost.

    My pastor almost always preaches the Gospel message while teaching doctrine. Each sermon will end with an invitation of the Gospel.

  3. I have never heard of Art [that does not mean much :) ] but I am thankful you alerted me to him.

    I am keen to listen to this!

  4. I hunger for many more of Dr Art Azuidia’s messages… I have many downloaded to my Mp3. I am grateful to pastors such as he who brilliantly expound the Bible in its Truth. I share these sermons with others. Thank you, roleen derman

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