The more Rome changes, the more it stays the same.

You can tell a man by the friends he keeps and likewise you can tell a church by the associations it keeps. So this Reformation Day, let us take a stroll through the halls of Roman Catholicism’s past and present as a simple reminder why true Biblical Christianity will never be at peace with the false religious system and counterfeit Christian organization of Rome.





Pope and false religion





Pope and Castro

Obama Vatican

Pope and TBN

Pope and Dali Lama

Pope and Islam

Pope and Yassir Arafat

Catholicism and Islam

Pope and Arafat Greet

Arafat and Pope

Paul John Paul II Kissing the Koran

Pope and Chavez



Pope Jewish

Pope Mosque

Interfaith Pope

Ecumenical Pope

Pope UN

24 thoughts on “The more Rome changes, the more it stays the same.

  1. Um, I wonder why you didn’t post all the Evangelicals who supported Hitler? Further, your picture of the Cardinal with the President (Obama) is meant to do what? Associate the President with Hilter, Castro, etc…? Silly don’t you think?

  2. Deal Joel:

    The reason I didn’t post “all the Evangelicals who supported Hitler” is because this post was about Roman Catholicism, not false professors of Christ within Evangelicalism. And if you spend any time on this blog, you know we stand for the truth and purity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and any deviation thereof (whether they be Evangelical, Baptist, Calvinist or whatever) is dealt with. We address plenty of problems within Evangelical Christianity on DefCon, so your loaded question came without warrant.

    Secondly, the picture of Obama is very apropos, not silly as you suggest. You see, Obama:
    1). Is a Marxist (this is no secret).
    2). Who advances the homosexual agenda which undermines the structure of the family which undermines the structure of the nation (very Marxist).
    3. And who is a strong proponent of the destruction of human beings not only in the womb, but even after birth. This is precisely why that picture was included.

    The only difference between Obama (and Hitler and Castro) is that Obama presides over a nation that has murdered far more of its citizens than Hitler and Castro could have ever dreamed of, and Obama not only shows no sign of stopping it, but is doing his part to advance it and broaden it.

    Mikhail Heller hit the nail on the head in his book Cogs in the Wheel (1988) when he said:

    Lenin, and later [Joseph] Stalin, determined that in order to maintain control of the people it would be necessary to completely destroy the family and restructure it. . . . This statute [Russia’s equivalent of no-fault divorce], along with the communists encouragement of sexual immorality during marriage, approval of abortion, and forcing women out of the home into the workforce, accomplished its purpose of destroying the Russian family.

    If that doesn’t describe current American politics I don’t know what does. So why the RCC who is staunchly pro-life would be ok hobnobbing with a president who is proud of his pro-death position is beyond me, but it seems to be par for the course.

    – The Pilgrim

  3. Well done Pilgrim…to God be the glory. The cultish religiosity of the Roman Catholic church has a stranglehold on millions of lost and deceived souls. May we rejoice that Christ our Lord has freed us from the bondage of sin, the deception of falsehoods, and the damning heresy that fills the vast majority of our churches.
    Praise be to our glorious and eternal Majesty!

  4. The Reformers were not afraid to call it as it was and is: the office of Pope is that of anti-christ. The popes elevate themselves as God, claiming authority over the souls of men.

    That doctrine from hell is far worse than their sorry history of working with evil governments through the years – not to deny the damage of that.

  5. I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic boarding school in high school, then Catholic college and taught in a Catholic grade school. I thank God for delivering me from Catholicism at the age of 28. It was a miracle… it truly was… and I feel sorry for those still blinded by it. These pictures really speak volumes.

  6. Rome infallably thought that torturing someone was beneficial for them! YIKES

    God will eventually destroy the harlot. AMEN.

  7. Brian – the Roman Catholic Church only tortured and murdered people who disagreed for a short time of about 600 years. Surely it was only a simple mistake? /sarc off

  8. Actually, Manfred, I can take you to places in Central and South America where the Roman Catholic Church is still at work persecuting true believers of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are still places where priests are encouraging the molesting of tribal people who turn away from Rome to the true and living God. Rome will never acknowledge it, but they still reap the rewards of having pilfered, raped, and assaulted the masses of what used to be rich Spanish-speaking countries.

  9. Amen. And likewise Desert Pastor, Rome has kept these people in bondage and servitude in similar fashion to when the Spanish Catholics devastated these lands in their lust for gold, silver and of course absolute dominion in their futile attempt to establish their so-called kingdom of god. Even today the majority of these lands are dirt poor and have never risen above abject poverty thanks to Rome’s doctrines of devils that bind people hand and foot with spiritual fetters.

    I encourage those who like history to read Empire of Blue Water. This book tells about the rise of Captain Henry Morgan and how he wrecked havoc on the Spanish as they tried to establish a foothold in the beautiful and resource rich lands of South & Central America. Truly a fascinating read as to how this simple band of pirates caused total chaos for the Spanish.

    And then, once God was done with Captain Morgan, how he rained judgment on him and his motley crew of pirates destroying their new Sodom known as Port Royal. It is an incredible story and highly recommended. It also should serve to dispel any fanciful notions of pirates who were truly a barbarous and wicked people.

  10. Well done. When travelling in Peru with HeartCry, we visited the Museum of the Inquisition in Lima. I left there with a much better understanding of our fore-fathers’ sufferings for Christ. Even today the RCC pushes the Peruvian gov’t to “edit” many of the displays. Their influence lives on even in the SBC. Just this week, I alerted our church to this statement from a local association. “In addition to the price that Jesus paid on the cross for the sins of all men, there is a price of brokenness that Believers must pay before the Father will allow us to reap the great harvest that we so often say that we desire from Him!” Seldom can one find this much false doctrine in one sentence. Notice the influence of Rome.

  11. I, too, came out of the RCC 12 years ago. Now 50, one of the most instrumental books on the false christianity of the RCC was Dave Hunt’s “The Woman Rides the Beast.” This is still one of the best reads of the history and pracitices of the Roman Church, as well the gulf of truth that emerged as I read the Word of God and compared it to the teachings and practices of the RCC. I give praise to God for my deliverance and salvation.

  12. Paul Walker – Your comments are much appreciated as are your open eyes and warning to the brethren about the leaven of Rome found within our midst. Most are blind, silent or apathetic to it. Many blessings to you as you labor in South America and I pray that many in bondage to Rome will be set free by the power of the gospel unto salvation.

    Rose and John Frerich – praise God for your deliverance from Rome. Thanks for sharing with us.


  14. David Lee,

    Praise God for saving you and bringing you out of the apostate cult of Rome!

    As a favor to those who read your posts, please use mixed case, rather than all UPPER CASE, as it is much easier to read.

    Peace in Christ alone – Mary not included.

  15. “So why the RCC who is staunchly pro-life would be ok hobnobbing with a president who is proud of his pro-death position is beyond me, but it seems to be par for the course.

    – The Pilgrim”

    The RCC pro-life status is merely an illusion, like PR. What they love is death, which is why your pictures from the persecution of believers is the real Rome.
    The small amount of Catholics who actually do anything toward the fight against abortion is done by sincere people who are still lost, but realize that abortion is wrong. Notice that you won’t see all the nuns and priests of a town, daily at the abortion mills. No, it’s the regular lay Catholics who do most of the opposing. Yes there are some priests. But Rome does not love the babies. Remember they would have babies killed from the union of nuns and priests. Evidenced in more than one location. Know about the lime pits in convents in Mexico that were exposed in 1934? disgusting.
    The Pope and Obama, they make a great pair.

    I love your site and look forward to being encouraged in my walk. It was interesting, though sad, to read of Piper. I have had my suspicions for a while and had to leave a church where the pastor was a Piper fan. I was very disturbed when Bethel had the piety conference, what, last year? I imagine the Lord dealing with Piper eventually. I do believe the Lord is the faithful one who keeps us and directs us and chastizes us when needed. So, we should be seeing that with Piper, right? But in God’s timing. Blessings to you all here.

  16. Laura Maura – What you write is so true. The history of Rome even up to our modern day is one the is soaked in blood and flooded with tears. One example out of the many is the butchery perpetrated in Croatia with the Ustashi. Signed, sealed and sanctioned by the Pope. Something I may write about in the future although it really is very troubling to do research into this area.

    Likewise, what you write about the lime pits I have also read about from first hand witnesses. I also know a woman whose father witnessed much of this when working in convents and finding much evidence of the horrid crimes that take place behind their whitewashed walls.

    Blessings to you

  17. Laura Maura,

    I have never heard of the convent and lime pits in Mexico in 1934 before and am looking into it right now. Very interesting! In all honesty, I would like to say that I’m shocked but at this point, the more I learn about the RCC, the less and less I am shocked by anything that I find.

    Thank you for your post and thank you DefCon for enlightening us by exposing false teaching!

    Praise God in all of His glory and let us rejoice in that it is all and continues to be for His glory!

    God bless!

  18. These last two Popes have been very busy making friends with about every major religious leader, and political leaders who are enemies to freedom. There is so much similarity to communism and Catholicism and cults. In all three you are only allowed to think and believe what you are told to think and believe.

    I praise God for setting me free from Catholicism back in 1975. I am sad for what I see today that is supposed to be Biblical Christianity. I have become more reformed since the last 3 years that I have left the mainline churches. God has been so good to open my eyes. These are the last days. I really believe that. And soon the Pope and many of the compromising Evangelical church leaders will join together in making what they consider their perfect world.

    Never thought it would come to this point, but I have to say this, I just hope to be able to keep my own kids FROM the influence of the church as well as of the world.

  19. Why can’t the book ‘The Lime Pits’ be bought? Has the RCC managed to destroy all copies. I have been searching for years for a copy. For those who don’t know, this book is about the skeletons of newborn babies found during excavation diggings besides RCC establishments in Mexico and Spain – the offspring of nuns and priests. God knows all – and all will be revealed in time – as is the sexual abuse of children by priests and the RCC cover-ups are finally being revealed – thanks be to GOD.

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