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The Extreme Oath of the Jesuits.

“When a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of […]

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“For centuries the Church stood solidly against every form of worldly entertainment, recognizing it for what it was—a device for wasting time, a refuge from the disturbing voice of conscience, a scheme to divert attention from moral accountability. For this she got herself abused roundly by the sons of this world. But of late she […]

The more Rome changes, the more it stays the same.

You can tell a man by the friends he keeps and likewise you can tell a church by the associations it keeps. So this Reformation Day, let us take a stroll through the halls of Roman Catholicism’s past and present as a simple reminder why true Biblical Christianity will never be at peace with the […]

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You shall not hate your fellow countryman in your heart; you may surely reprove your neighbor, but shall not incur sin because of him. Leviticus 19:17 There is a special obligation upon friends to be helpful to one another in this matter. The laws of friendship require us to discover what things endanger us. . […]

Drug Addict’s Testimony of Salvation

“Peter Orasuk was a heroin addict and drug kingpin in Canada until Christ reached down and saved him. This is his testimony that was preached in the Ballymena Gospel Hall in N. Ireland. This is a ‘must hear’, not only for people who are doing drugs, but for anyone who wants to hear of the […]

Sermon of the week: “Soli Deo Gloria: The Supremacy of God in All Things” by Brian Borgman.

Your sermon of the week is Soli Deo Gloria: The Supremacy of God in All Things by Brian Borgman. This is part two of a thirteen part series entitled Introduction to the Reformed Faith that Pastor Borgman gave in 1998. DefCon will be posting all thirteen sermons in this series over the next few months. […]

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The most spiritual attainment of a Christian in the world, the most spiritual, evangelical mourning and repentance that can be done by a Christian, is a mourning over his unbelief; that the Word of the Lord is not more precious to him; that he cannot trust God’s Word naked without props; that he doubts it […]

The testimony of a dying wife, mother, Christian.

You simply must download and listen to this speech, Death Is Not Dying, by Rachel Barkey. You will be encouraged, you will be moved, you will be challenged, you will need a tissue. I listened to it twice in two days and wanted to share it with the readers of DefCon. Mrs. Barkey gave this […]

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From the standpoint of the redeemed, the punishment of the wicked is an act of unspeakable mercy. How dreadful would it be if the present order of things should continue forever, when the children of God are obliged to live in the midst of the children of the Devil. Heaven would at once cease to […]

The Gospel: The Power of God Unto Salvation

It is written in the Scriptures that the gospel of Jesus Christ “…is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” (Rom 1:16)  Likewise, it is written that if anyone one “…be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed […]

A Child of Rome Set Free

I wrote this poem a while ago speaking to the religion of Rome and some of my experiences in it.  A religion which is a lie as is true for any and all dead religion.  In Rome specifically, as long as one is a “card-carrying” Catholic and shows their face to Mass most Sundays and […]

God is severely and inflexibly just.

Nate’s back with another powerful, must-see video. You can also download the audio version of this video by right-clicking here. _____________________________________________________________________ See Nate’s other warning for the church here. See also A Test: Are you Loving or Unloving?

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Learn to apply Scripture. Take every word as spoken to yourselves. When the Word thunders against sin, think thus: “God means my sins.” When it emphasizes any duty, “God intends me in this.” Many put off Scripture for themselves, as if it only concerned those who lived in the time when it was written; but […]

The Pope’s Plans on Organizing Political, Economic, and Religious Activities Worldwide

From Richard Bennett at Berean Beacon. Dear Friend, The Pope’s latest encyclical can read like an ideological bombshell. However, when we study papal history with its obsession for global power, it is not so shocking. The Papacy has an agenda for the United Nations, economic institutions, and international finance organizations. The Pope has called for […]

Sermon of the week: “The Atrocity That Pleased God” by Phil Johnson.

As a follow up to last week’s sermon on Isaiah 53 by J. Randall Easter (see here), I present this Wednesday’s sermon of the week also on Isaiah 53 by Phil Johnson entitled The Atrocity That Pleased God.

Mining for Diamonds in Sierra Leone

I found a missionary video well worth watching. Stephen and Laura Holt are Baptist missionaries working in Sierra Leone. They are mining diamonds, but not the kind you wear on your fingers. The rough hewn characters being mined are the results of an 11 year civil war similar to the one that engulfed its neighbor, […]

How frequently do you read your Bible?

Please answer honestly. Your vote will remain anonymous and you do not have to leave a comment. Here’s a week in the life of a neglected Bible:

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Faith is not built by preaching introspectively (constantly challenging people to question whether they have faith); faith is not built by preaching moralistically (which has exactly the opposite effect of focusing attention on the self rather than on Christ, in whom our faith is placed); faith is not built by joining the culture wars and […]

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He that says he will be good tomorrow, says he will be wicked today. – James Janeway 1636 – 1674

Rick Warren, Tony Blair & The Vatican Agenda

 Source: Chris Pinto with Adullam Films Essence of lies, and quintessence of blasphemy, as the religion of Rome is, it nevertheless fascinates a certain order of Protestants, of whom we fear it may be truly said that they have received a strong delusion to believe a lie, that they may be damned. Charles H. Spurgeon, […]

If DefCon had an official video, this would be it!

Brace yourselves. You will receive more biblical, unadulterated, gospel-preaching truth in the next 12 minutes than what comes from most pulpits in America in a year. You will be moved. You can download the audio version of this video by right-clicking here. HT: Regenerated Adam

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Any mother who walks into the average American church with six or seven children will tell you, the pagan, secular humanist culture at large is not alone in its negative attitude toward children. Moreover, look at the divorce rates among Christians compared to those of non-Christians, and you will see that our attitudes about and […]

Is Ray Comfort’s Idea Original?

A lot of Christians are opposed to presenting the law before the gospel, and say Ray Comfort’s method is unbiblical. They generally say that his series of questions isn’t found in the Bible, and they would be right. However, no one has said that they were in the Bible, and there are many ways to […]

Letter of thanks from Pastor Philemon

To all of our friends in God’s vineyard, We greet you from the fields white unto harvest.  It is from Liberia we write where we are working to make sure that the work left with us is done properly till He come.  We send our hello. I am Pastor Philemon Gwelikporlusohn, a Liberian serving in […]

The immaculate deception.

The following is an article by James Swan refuting an attempted defense of Roman Catholicism’s great heresy: The Immaculate Conception. I found the timing of this to be highly apropos in light of a continued discussion that is taking place on this very subject on the comment thread from this post. How To Prove The […]

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Rome never changes. Rome will never admit that she has made mistakes. She burned our English Reformers 300 years ago. She tried hard to stamp out by violence the Protestantism which she could not prevent spreading by arguments. If Rome had only the power, I am not sure that she would not attempt to play […]

Sermon of the week: “The Suffering Servant” by Randall Easter.

Your sermon of the week is The Suffering Servant by Pastor J. Randall Easter. Pastor Easter preaches a great sermon from Isaiah 53 that I wished to share with the readers (and listeners) of DefCon. I plan to provide you with a sermon on the same subject by Phil Johnson next week. HT: The Bororean

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All the while you delay, God is more provoked, the wicked one [Satan] more encouraged, your heart more hardened, your debts more increased, your soul more endangered, and all the difficulties of conversion daily more and more multiplied upon you, having a day more to repent of, and a day less to repent in. – […]

Paris Reidhead on humanism in the church.

This short video is from Reidhead’s sermon Ten Shekles and a Shirt and can be listened to in its entirety on this previous post. Here’s a quote from the sermon not found in the video: If I had my way, I would declare a moratorium on public preaching of “the plan of salvation” in America […]

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The overwhelming majority of today’s evangelical sophisticates would clearly prefer it if no one ever criticized evangelical Golden Calves. Rampant error doesn’t unsettle them in the least. They are quite happy to live with it and even actively make peace with it. But let someone dare to voice an objection to a troubling doctrine in […]