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Phillip Garrido: Liar, adulterer, sex offender, kidnapper, pedophile, rapist, religion blogger.

Phillip Garrido–the registered sex offender who kept Jaycee Lee Dugard at his compound for 18 years after kidnapping her in 1991 and fathering her two children–was apparently a religious man who wrote on his blog Voices Revealed: . . . the Creator has given me the ability to speak in the tongue of angels in […]

Bible translation comparison chart.

The following is a chart comparing the different English translations of the Bible. I hope this helps you in selecting a translation. It was another chart similar to this one that led me to purchasing (and later embracing) the New American Standard (NASB) as my preferred translation. And don’t forget to click here to vote […]

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His zeal is false that seems hot against sin, but is cold to holiness. – William Gurnall 1617 – 1679

A glimpse into the theology of the man Mark Driscoll calls “brother.”

The recent video released of Mark Driscoll preaching at Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral contained this exchange between the two: SCHULLER: God loves you; so do I. (Audience applause while Driscoll extends hand for handshake.) DRISCOLL: I appreciate that, thank you brother. So who is Robert Schuller, the man Mark Driscoll not only openly endorses but […]

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They who design and endeavor to win others . . . must religiously avoid that which is the greatest obstruction of all, the profligate and atrocious lives of some that call themselves Christians. If men were prompted and employed by the devil himself, they could not be more effective in making the Gospel to be […]

Steven J. Lawson: “Called to Freedom” (Galatians 5:13-5:15)

Galatians 5:13-15 (NASB)–13 For you were called to freedom, brethren; only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. 14 For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” 15 But if you bite and devour […]

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Our children used to watch more television than we care to admit. Then we moved to England. TV in England was so bad that we got cable so we didn’t have to watch regular television at night. Eventually we just didn’t watch. We occasionally rented videos, but for the most part we became a family […]

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There is a continual need to return to the great fundamental of the faith. As long as the age lasts the Gospel of God’s grace must be preached. The need arises out of the natural state of the human heart, which is essentially legalistic. The cardinal error against which the Gospel has to contend is […]

What exactly DOES 1st Corinthians 9:19-22 mean, anyway?

Ohhhhh, the ways this passage is twisted, and perverted, and turned on its head by the oh-so-hip, oh-so-cool, oh-so-relevant “pastors” of the many seeker-sensitive, non-offensive, cross-less “churches” that pepper the American religious community today. They take the words of the apostle Paul, and they use them as an excuse to perform all kinds of free-for-alls […]

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In order to qualify yourselves for instructing and preparing your children for God’s service, you [must] diligently study His Word to ascertain what He requires of them and frequently pray for the assistance of His Spirit, both for them and yourselves. . . . You will carefully guard against saying or doing anything which may, […]

Rewriting Acts – A Relevant Perspective

In light of all the editions and revisions being made to the Word of God in recent years, we understand much of this has been done to suit the belief system of the editors. With that in mind as well as recent events such as Ravi at the Mormon Tabernacle and Driscoll at the Crystal […]

Emergent Candy

From Sacred Sandwich: Just so you know, that’s not a Bible Rob Bell is holding in his hands. You know good and well those hands haven’t touched a Bible in years.

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“The urge comes on me at times to write in scathing terms articles for these piddling little magazines of ‘comfort and kind words for God’s little flock.’ Baloney! When are we going to rise like men and face the world squarely? This driveling nonsense which condones inactivity because of the apostasy of the day needs […]

Quotes (588)

I now see more good and more evil in men than I did before. . . . I once thought that anyone who could pray eloquently and fluently, and talk well of religion, had to be saints. But experience has revealed to me that low crimes can co-exist with high professions. – Richard Baxter 1615 […]

Sermon of the week: “What Was Paul Doing on Mars Hill?” by Phil Johnson.

If you’re one of those people who think the Apostle Paul’s proclamation of being all things to all people meant “anything goes,” then you desperately need to listen to this message. This sermon answers all those worldly doctrines built on shifting sand that try to use the excuse that Paul employed examples of Greek culture […]

God’s courtroom

As I type this, the sentencing phase of the Letalvis Cobbins trial is taking place. If the system works as it should, he will receive the death penalty. Why? Because that is what he deserves for the crimes he has committed. They were heinous, barbaric, abominable, and not simply inhumane–but inhuman. And because of the […]

Listen To Your Heart?

I’ve often heard people say that they’re not worried about their sins; they just do what their hearts tell them to do. I’ve even heard burly bikers say sappy stuff about their pure hearts. Where do people get that, and why do so many believe that? Could it be that it has been pounded into […]

Albert Mohler on the false health & wealth gospel.

Albert Mohler discusses on his audio blog and radio show the false gospel of health and wealth, and those who preach this false gospel (e.g. Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin, etc.) stemming from this New York Times article. They’re worth a listen. Audio blog (5 minutes): It Promises Far Too Little – The False […]

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A man may be theologically knowing and spiritually ignorant. . . . A man may be excellent in the grammar of Scripture, yet not understand the spiritual sense of it. . . . The highest rational knowledge of God cannot profit without the knowledge of faith. . . . It can be of no more […]

Bud ‘n Bubba: Redneck Jesus Freaks.

I can’t make this stuff up. First there was the Cotton Patch Gospel, now this. In a world where everyone feels they have the license to contextualize the gospel message as they see fit, we have all sorts of “ministries” out there pushing all sorts of “Christianity.” For some reason we refuse to believe that […]

Steven J. Lawson: “Finish Strong!” (Galatians 5:7-5:12)

Galatians 5:7-12–7 You were running well; who hindered you from obeying the truth? 8 This persuasion did not come from Him who calls you. 9 A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough. 10 I have confidence in you in the Lord that you will adopt no other view; but the one who is […]

Quotes (586)

Justification takes place in Heaven, in the courtroom of God. Regeneration, on the other hand, takes place on earth, in the heart of man. Justification is a declaration by a judge; regeneration is an act of creation by an omnipotent Creator. – Charles Leiter

Comparing the two witnesses of Jesus Christ.

The following is from 4 Mormon: BIBLE’S WITNESS OF CHRIST BOOK OF MORMON’S WITNESS OF CHRIST Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. (Matthew 2:1 and Micah 5:2) Jesus Christ was born at Jerusalem. (Alma 7:10) Jesus Christ promised: “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” (Matthew 24:35) “…there are […]

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If you want to know whether or not someone truly loves God, watch what he or she does. If a person does not do the things that God says are pleasing and acceptable, and in fact does the things that God abhors and forbids, and yet claims to love God, it will be tough to […]

Foul Water from Polluted Springs

From the Institute for Nouthetic Studies (a Christian counseling ministry), comes this encouragement for our fellow defenders/contenders to keep fighting the good fight of faith: Proverbs 25:26 (NASB)–Like a trampled spring and a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked. This powerful proverb is one for the conservative church today. […]

Just go back to the world!

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it still needs to be told. I wish more pastors would be as bold as Tim Conway. Granted, their pews would empty out, but wheat usually grows much better without tares anyway. HT: Puritan Fellowship

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Shun therefore the evil ways of Christians, but cleave to the way that is Christian. . . . Take heed therefore of picking up a quarrel with Jesus Christ, and with His ways, because of the evil doings of some of His followers. Judas sold Him; Peter denied Him: and many of His disciples went […]

Sermon of the week: “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” by Russ Sukhia.

Your sermon of the week is Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered by Russ Sukhia. The sermon overview from Sermon Audio reads: This Reformation Day sermon, the fourth in a series on Galatians, looks at justification by faith, and endeavors to clearly explain exactly how our redemption is accomplished. This message, which includes a summary of Luther’s […]

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“Further, J. says, ‘The worship service is most satisfying to me as an individual.’ What in all eternity has that got to do with it? Have her personal likes and dislikes any right to dictate method in the holy church of God? It is this attitude that has brought hopeless confusion into our present order, […]

Refuting the cry of “Make Jesus Lord Today!”

Have you ever heard one of these “preachers” as they stand there and try to sound all hip and cool and relevant by saying that you should “Make Jesus Lord today!!!” That is about one of the most unbiblical statements a person can make. We don’t “make” Jesus Lord– HE ALREADY IS!!!!!!!! Acts 2:36-“Therefore let […]