Barry Lynn Debates Without a Bible

Here’s a portion of a debate between James White, and Barry Lynn, on the topic, “Is Homosexuality Compatible with Biblical Christianity?” I think the fact that the “Reverend” didn’t bother to bring a Bible to the debate illustrates his lack of respect for the Bible.

Is it not extremely clear which debater is more concerned with discovering what the Bible really says?

5 comments on “Barry Lynn Debates Without a Bible

  1. I Like the guy on the left…

  2. Me too…

  3. He came to a biblical debate without his bible? Pitifull
    Guy on left is James Whitehead. Solid, solid defender of the faith.

  4. His name is Dr. James White. And I agree he is a great defender of the faith on every level.

  5. Lynn is going to make the Bible mean whatever it needs to mean to justify his secular liberalism.
    He couldn’t care less what the Bible really means.
    He makes it mean whatever liberalism demands.
    Real Christians do whatever it takes to be righteous before God.
    Barry Lynn doesn’t do this.

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