Cappuccino machines, light bulbs, and toilet paper.

esspresso-machineAs an elementary public school in Detroit, Michigan is lacking funds for even light bulbs and toilet paper, public schools in Chicago, Illinois just spent $67,000 on cappuccino machines of which most are “. . . going unused because the schools they were ordered for had not asked for them . . .”.

Yet another shining moment for government schools.

5 comments on “Cappuccino machines, light bulbs, and toilet paper.

  1. I’ve also heard that in Massachusetts, despite budget cuts in the public schools and that almost 1,000 people employed with the state have been laid off, the pro-gay groups in the schools have been left untouched. Shameful, isn’t it?

  2. O_O

    wow…..glad I was homeschooled…

  3. My high school bought 16 or so plasma TV’s to place around the campus. Completely pointless. I don’t know how much they spent, nor do I want to know.

  4. From the same state that gave us Barak Obama and Rod Blagojavitch.
    Why am I not surprised ? What is is about Illinois’ government officials that seems to continually ‘ outstupid ‘ the rest ?


  5. They put the ill in Illinois.

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