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The Almost-Christian.

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Nothing so cleverly evidences the condition of the human heart, nor so solemnly demonstrates its corruption, as its attitude toward Christ. – A.W. Pink 1886 – 1952

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Most Christians in our culture live like everyone else. There is little distinction between our lives and the lives of the pagans down the street. We wear the same clothes, watch the same movies, read the same books, send our children to the same schools, and sign the same divorce decrees as everyone else. Furthermore, […]

Book Review: “The Lamb” by John R. Cross.

I recently completed this wonderful book and was quite impressed with the strong yet simple explanation of the Gospel. Although it’s written for children, it is also good for those who have no clue what the Gospel is because it explains it in very easy terms accompanied with beautiful illustrations and questions at the end […]

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At our best we shall find in ourselves daily cause for humiliation, and discover that we are needy debtors to mercy and grace every hour. The more light we have, the more we shall see our own imperfection. Sinners we were when we began, sinners we shall find ourselves as we go on; renewed, pardoned, […]

When preachers waste their pulpit

Excellent post by Dan Phillips at Pyromaniacs. A welcome warning for all the mealy-mouthed preachers whose sole aim is to make everyone within earshot confident that they are good and wonderful people who deserve to live a happy life, and that God accepts them just the way they are and has a wonderful plan for […]

Have you seen me?

It wasn’t long ago that a gruff and tattooed charlatan sprung onto the world stage offering healings like a snake oil salseman. His followers defended him no matter what lies, deception, and heresy spewed from his forked tongue, even as he tried to get people to “believe in the angel.” Then, faster than you can […]

Sermon of the week: “The Gospel of Justifying Grace” by Brian Borgman (Part 3 of 3).

Your sermon of the week is Brian Borgman’s message The Gospel of Justifying Grace (Part 3). This is part three of three on justifying grace and is a source of encouragement for believers in the assurance of salvation and the doctrine of justification. You can find part one here and part two here.

Sermon of the week: “Sola Fide – The Supremacy of God in Salvation” by Brian Borgman.

Your sermon of the week is part seven of a fantastic thirteen-part series on the doctrines of grace. Sola Fide – The Supremacy of God in Salvation by Brian Borgman is from his series Introduction to the Reformed Faith.

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Evangelism was the one biblically mandated function in which believers engaged outside of the assembled church. They did not invite friends to the church gatherings to win them to Christ. The church services were not geared for the unbelievers but for the saints. – Gary Gilley

The Fall of Man Part One: Introduction

From all angles, the account of the fall of man is fascinating, simply because it presents, in a nutshell, the origin of man’s sin and its consequences, the wiles of the devil and his modus operandi, God’s promise of a savior fulfilled in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and finally, God’s benevolent provision for His creation which, in my opinion, can even be seen as a foreshadow of how the atonement for our sins will be made.

Super Bowl Sunday – Worshipping the god of Football!

This video shows what is really important to some people. At least, this so-called “church” was willing to be honest enough to admit to their friends, family, and neighbors that the god of football is MORE important than the worship of the Almighty Sovereign of the Universe! NewSpring Church Social Clubs have decided that the […]

Quiz for 1/26/2009

OK, here is another quiz for you. The question this time is, what kind of worship is the following quote describing? And, as usual, no fair Googling. “The emphasis [is on] psychophysical relatedness and subjective experience…The transcendence of the deity is overcome in the ecstasy of feeling. Sensory participation  is featured. Images are necessary-the bolder, […]

And now, the “witch goat.”

From the same country plunged into spiritual darkness that brought you the heart-wrenching sad stories of The Witch Children of Africa, now Nigeria has a goat held in custody for car theft. Why? Because they believe the goat is a man who–by the power of witchcraft–transformed himself into the goat to avoid capture. Read the […]

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Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right. – C.H. Spurgeon 1834 – 1892


Three men. Three quotes. Who said it? “I am opposed to abortion and to government funding of abortions. We should not spend state funds on abortions because so many people believe abortion is wrong.” “There are those who argue that the right to privacy is of [a] higher order than the right to life … […]

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Grace is a provision for men who are so fallen that they cannot lift the axe of justice, so corrupt that they cannot change their own natures, so averse to God that they cannot turn to Him, so blind that they cannot see Him, so deaf that they cannot hear Him, and so dead that […]

Exposing an Old Heretic – Charles G Finney

Some may wonder why we are jumping on a person who has been dead for over 135 years!  Sadly, it is because there are many who hold this man in high esteem and much of what we find in modern evangelicalism is due to the heresy that this lawyer-turned-preacher taught to unsuspecting congregations.  Today, this […]

Where does Rick Warren go from here?

Now that Rick Warren’s inauguration prayer has been examined and exposed by discerning Christians as nothing more than honoring God with his lips, and that same prayer has also angered the unbelieving left, where does he go from here? His prayer was a watershed event that has brought him to a fork in his broad […]

Sola Scriptura (60)

For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. For one will hardly die for a righteous man; though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. […]

President Hussein Obama makes good on his promise to Planned Parenthood

President Hussein bin-Obama marked the 36th anniversary of the most bone-headed decision in Supreme Court history by confiscating more taxpayer dollars to send overseas in the fight to kill as many babies as possible. From FOXNews: President Obama will issue an executive order on Thursday reversing the Bush administration policy that bans the use of […]

God ONLY Saves Bad People!

In this brief video from Truth Crossing, Art Azurdia shares the truth of God’s Word.  All men are created equal, but that equality is found in man’s total depravity!  Man is NOT just depraved, but because of our inherited sin nature, he is also totally unable to come to the foot of the cross OR […]

Mark Driscoll praises his “brother in Christ” Rick Warren.

From Slice of Laodicea: Sex expert Pastor Mark Driscoll took time out from his bedroom advice blog to praise Rick Warren for his prayer blessing for Barack Obama. With Driscoll’s promotion of sites like and its advice on things like how to be a Christian dominatrix, the public thank-you may be a mixed blessing […]

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I want you to beware of that self-righteous spirit that defines these crises as a judgment on America; that may be true, but beloved, even if it is a judgment on America, even if we’re going to see a greater meltdown – I’m not making predictions here, I am not here as a prophet, I […]

The 36-year war on the unborn.

Today marks the 36th anniversary when this nation declared that the right to life of the most innocent and defenseless in our country takes a backseat to the “convenience” of another. To mark this day of infamy in our nation’s history, DefCon has decided to link to some its past posts on the issue of […]

Oh, the irony!

HT: A Voice Crying Out

Obama presidency begins on racist note

Go figure. The man doesn’t mind killing babies–what more is a little bigotry thrown in the mix? Somebody might want to tell Rev. Joseph Lowery to wake up and smell the coffee. No one has “told blacks to get in back” for about, oh, I don’t know, about 40 years now. And besides, you racist […]

Wasting no time.

From WorldNetDaily by Bob Unruh: President Obama had not even finished his inaugural address today before his agenda was posted on the WhiteHouse website, where he promised to “overturn” the Supreme Court’s precedents on discrimination claims and to demand new laws requiring employers to provide special protections for homosexuals and others with “gender” issues. Second […]

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It is not enough that we pray as private individuals in our closets; we are required to honor God in our families as well. At least twice each day, in the morning and in the evening the whole household should be gathered together to bow before the Lord parents and children, master and servant to […]

Did God even hear all those inauguration prayers?

Now that the coronation of Barack Hussein Obama is done, and all the hub bub regarding religious inclusiveness (i.e. inauguration prayers, who’s praying, what’s being prayed, etc.) have passed, I wanted to offer this single question: Did the true God of Heaven and Earth even “hear” all those ecumenical, non-specific, generalized, ultra-tolerant prayers? Thus says […]