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“Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels” – Revelation 12:7

War will always rage between the two great sovereignties until one or other be crushed.  Peace between good and evil is impossibility; the very pretence of it would, in fact, be the triumph of the powers of darkness.  Michael will always fight; his holy soul is vexed with sin, and will not endure it.  Jesus will always be the dragon’s foe and that not in a quiet sense, but actively, vigorously, with full determination to exterminate evil.  All His servants, whether angels in heaven or messengers on earth, will and must fight; the are born to be warriors – at the cross they enter into covenant never to make truce with evil; they are a warlike company, firm in defense and fierce in attack.  The duty of every soldier in the army of the Lord is daily, with all his heart, and soul, and strength, to fight against the dragon.

The dragon and his angels will not decline the affray; they are incessant in their onslaughts, sparing no weapon, fair or foul.  We are foolish to expect to serve God without opposition: the more zealous we are, the more sure we are to be assailed by the myrmidons of hell.  The church may become slothful, but not so her great antagonist; his restless spirit never suffers the war to pause; he hates the woman’s seed, and would fain devour the church if he could.  The servants of Satan partake much of the old dragon’s energy, and are usually an active race.  War rages all around, and to dream of peace is dangerous and futile. 

Glory be to God, we know the end of the war.  The great dragon shall be cast out and for ever destroyed, while Jesus and they who are with Him shall receive the crown.  Let us sharpen our swords tonight, and pray to the Holy Spirit to nerve our arms for conflict.  Every man to his post, ye warriors of the cross, and may the Lord tread Satan under your feet shortly!

- C.H. Spurgeon



About Coram Deo

Greetings! By way of introduction I am a born-again Christian who seeks to live in the presence of, under the authority of, and to the honor and glory of the Triune Yahweh Elohim Shaddai–the One True and Living LORD God Almighty Who is the self contained, self sufficient, and unique infinite Creator of all things. I believe the historic, orthodox, Biblical Christian faith as found in the 66 books of the Holy Bible is the only true and right religion that has been revealed to mankind and all other faiths and extra-Biblical sources of revelation are absolutely false and without any eternal merit or redemptive power. Through this medium I hope to share my worldview with any who are interested, and in this manner I hope to expand my witness to the lost, and extend whatever ability I’ve been given to edify the believer to the praise of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, the risen Savior. Sola Scriptura! (Scripture alone), Sola Fide! (faith alone), Sola Gratia! (grace alone), Soli Christo! (Christ alone) - Soli Deo Gloria! (to God alone be glory)

4 comments on “Quotes (433)

  1. Great quote. I think this past election was a major victory for Satan in deceiving Christians into thinking they can compromise with the world. The spirit of the age, of this world, is under Satan’s control. Christians are not looking at things in a biblical way. a way of antithesis, in that there can be no compromise without loosing our call to be set apart. The very notions of good and evil are at stake and there is a movement to get Christians to call good evil and mistake light for darkness. Let us keep on fighting and warn those who will listen.


  2. I needed to read this quote, thank you for it.
    Sometimes the battle is hard.

  3. Amen Blue Collar Todd and papapatriot!

    The battle is the Lord’s!

    In Christ,

  4. I don’t what others think but the attacks on the Church are in full force today.
    I can’t say for confidentiality sake but attacks are coming at our church fellowship from all directions, and from some cases from people that just shock me.
    We are seeing the lost saved and getting a break-through in areas, which is great But we can expect attacks.
    This quote really was timely for me, I truly needed to read it.
    God is in control, Trust in Him.

    1Co 15:57 But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
    1Co 15:58 Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.

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