Your Sermon of the week: “Romans 3″ by Paul Washer.

Your sermon of the week is Romans 3 by Paul Washer. Many of the sermons featured on DefCon are directed toward those already converted (or at least warming a pew). I have been looking for a good sermon for the lost and I think this one may be it.

I think this message provides a clear presentation of the gospel, one that the unconverted outisde the church needs to hear as well as the unconverted inside the church.

2 comments on “Your Sermon of the week: “Romans 3″ by Paul Washer.

  1. I have listened to this sermon many times. Of all Washer’s sermons, this is probably the most representative of what he believes about the Gospel. It is long, but he almost does the impossible – presenting the whole Gospel in one message. A must-listen for every layperson who serves faithfully in a local church.

  2. Sorry to be off-topic, but please pray for this family.


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