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Mark Driscoll mocks the Sinlessness of Jesus Christ

“If you’re tempted to these sorts of things — including sexual sin — some of you say, “Now Mark, Jesus wasn’t sexually tempted.” Well, of course he was — 30 something year old single man who had women who adored him. You don’t think he ever wanted the comfort of a woman? You don’t think […]

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If there is any point on which God’s holiest saints agree it is this: that they see more, and know more, and feel more, and do more, and repent more, and believe more, as they get on in spiritual life, and in proportion to the closeness of their walk with God. – J. C. Ryle […]

Snortin’ Dust from Jesus’ Tomb?

More heresy from John Crowder and co in a hotel in Israel.  This is NOT from the God of heaven, but is clearly a manifestation of the presence of the evil one who masquerades as an angel of light.

Who will be sharing the stage with John Piper?

The list of those invited to speak at John Piper’s 2008 National Conference includes Mark Driscoll (see this post from Coram Deo). In the following video of John Piper, he does his best to “defend” and “justify” why he has invited Mark Driscoll. But while the debate rages over Mark Driscoll’s appearance at this conference, […]

Longing for the preachers of old.

Be prepared to witness one of the most pointless, narcissistic, self-centered, and shallow preaching testimony drivel in just under six minutes that you’ll ever subject your senses to. This monologue is completely devoid of any reference to Jesus Christ and not supported by even one shred of Scripture, but it fits perfectly in today’s mile-wide, […]

Book review: “Justification and Regeneration” by Charles Leiter.

I recently completed the book Justification and Regeneration by Charles Leiter (with a forward by Paul Washer). This was a great book that explained in the simplest of terms the difference between justification and regeneration in the life of a believer. It’s a quick and easy read and I highly recommend this book, especially to […]

John MacArthur on Mark Driscoll

If anyone is interested in understanding John MacArthur’s position on Mark Driscoll you can read about it here, but as far as his position on Piper’s invitation to Driscoll to appear and speak at his 2008 Desiring God Conference…well…only time will tell. From his December 11th, 2006 article entitled “Grunge Christianity? Counterculture’s Death-Spiral and the […]

Boston’s Old South Meeting House

On a recent vacation, my wife and I spent a day in Boston visiting some interesting historic sights. The Old South Meeting House, where we stopped first, was a Puritan church building. (The Puritans never called their buildings churches, as they recognized that the church is the people who make up the body of Christ.) […]

Mormonism, Masonry, and the occult.

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Do you know why it says at the end of the age that the Lamb will take wrath on the world? I think it’s because there will be a crystal clear reminder—he didn’t always show up this way, He showed up once in the middle of history as a real Lamb; let Himself be ripped […]

Your Sermon of the week: “Romans 3″ by Paul Washer.

Your sermon of the week is Romans 3 by Paul Washer. Many of the sermons featured on DefCon are directed toward those already converted (or at least warming a pew). I have been looking for a good sermon for the lost and I think this one may be it. I think this message provides a […]

Barack Hussein Obama on the Bible.

Ravi’s crash and burn.

I’ve previously reported on Ravi Zacharias’ failure to preach the Gospel to those following a counterfeit Christ after he was invited to speak at the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City (see here). Then I posted on Ravi’s descent into the abyss of compromise (see here) when he refused to pray in the name of […]

Witnessing at the Democratic National Convention

A friend and I met some guys from Nebraska to go witnessing at the Democratic National Convention in Denver last month. It was quite interesting to see the overwhelming police presence, the great number of reporters, and the creepy protestors. The guys from Nebraska have some interesting witnessing techniques that I wasn’t sure about at […]

Sending our children to Caesar.

HT: Standing for Truth

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Whenever religion rejects God’s authority, it creates “another Jesus” which always leads to “another gospel.” Why? Because whenever the sufficiency of Christ is denied, another gospel must be concocted to instruct people what they must do to be saved. – Mike Gendron

A sobering reminder to beware of false prophets.

Jeff Noblit on Church discipline coming to South Carolina.

Wendi from Declared Righteous by Christ Alone asked if I would be willing to publish an advertisement on an upcoming Church discipline conference by Pastor Jeff Noblit. Knowing Pastor Noblit’s uncompromising preaching, I am honored to get the word out. Exactly one month from today, Pastor Jeff Noblit will be at Holly Ridge Baptist Church […]

A Mormon Mistake

Mormons believe that Jesus is Jehovah, (the LORD in most versions of the Old Testament). I would certainly agree with them on that. Since that is the case, it becomes very easy to refute most of what they believe about Jesus. Those who adhere to the teachings of Mormonism believe Jesus hasn’t always existed. But […]

Would a Christian vote for Barack Hussein Obama?

Not could a Christian vote for Barack Hussein Obama, but would a Christian vote for Barack Hussein Obama? When I say “Christian” I don’t mean a lukewarm, name-only, self-deceived “Christian,” but a true, born-again, regenerated Christian (think: the Apostle Paul vs Brian McLaren). So what are those professing Christians of the Matthew 25 Network in […]

Sermon of the week: “Oh America, America” by Leonard Ravenhill.

This week’s sermon is Oh America, America by Leonard Ravenhill.

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Nothing riles the natural man more and brings to the surface his innate, inveterate enmity against God than to press upon him the eternality, the freeness, and the absolute sovereignty of divine grace. That God should have formed His purpose from everlasting, without in anywise consulting the creature, is too abasing for the unbroken heart. […]

Racism, money, murder, and the presidential candidate.

The Biblical Perspective on Ray Boltz

HT: Mark Moring – Christianity Today liveblog “Ray Boltz, who sold about 4.5 million records before retiring from Christian music a few years ago, came out of the closet Friday to announce that he’s gay. “I’d denied it ever since I was a kid,” Boltz, 55, told the magazine. “I became a Christian, I thought […]

Blasphemous association or divine doctrine?

Question: Would there ever be an occasion in which you would equate God the Father on the same plane as anything or anyone else? Would you ever combine or associate God with anyone or anything in which the relation would indicate or imply equality? For example, would you ever assert that God and electricity are […]

It’s Official: Islamic Law Has Been Adopted In Britain

Rowan Williams might actually be a prophet! Seven months after Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was pilloried for suggesting that the establishment of sharia in the future “seems unavoidable” in Britain, it’s now official that Islamic law has been officially adopted in Britain, with sharia courts given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases. […]

We Aren’t Monkeying Around, Darwin; The Apology Is Sincere

The Church of England has made an official apology to Charles Darwin for “misunderstanding his theory of evolution”, 126 years after the latter’s passing. Elaborating, officials said that senior bishops of the Church wanted to “atone for the vilification” heaped on Darwin by their predecessors when he first proposed in his theory that man descended […]

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How can God ever “justify the ungodly” without becoming an abomination to Himself? “He who says to the wicked, ‘You are righteous,’ peoples will curse him, nations will abhor him [Proverbs 24:24]. How can God say to sinners like us, “You are righteous,” without violating His own character? How can God ever save us from […]

When cults take a stab at being relevant.

Thanks to Ingrid from Slice of Laodicea for posting this “relevant” video from The Way International (click here for more on this cult). “A renewed mind is the key to the Christ in me”

Benjamin Dunn and John Crowder taking their circus to Korea.

It’s maddening to know that this junk is being exported from America. Oh how we have fallen. Apparently 1 Corinthians 14:40 doesn’t translate into Korean: But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner.