Patricia King’s Excellent Adventure

This video is the kind of thing that passes for “Christian” these days. More from Patricia King’s Flying Circus (Hat tip: A Little Leaven):

6 thoughts on “Patricia King’s Excellent Adventure

  1. IWanthetruth says:

    Just more of the Third Wave, Prophetic Movement stuff that is being poured out over the church these days.

    Nothing scriptural about it…

  2. All I can say is “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign”. She certainly has “gotten hold of a power” all right, and it comes straight from hell. Does she spend time in Sedona, AZ? That’s allegedly the world-wide center for shakra.

  3. James Pratt says:

    That was hilarious. I was laughing with all the woes – that is actually a great pun for what is going on – but then the Warning: Do not attempt without a glory school education. Classic.

    By the way, the HOLY SPIRIT is WHO you are looking for? If you’re a Christian, shouldn’t HE be living inside you? It is so sad people believe this nonsense.

  4. beauty_found_in_you says:

    Bogus! Great pun, it is. Hilarious, really.

    I just noticed all the while Patricia is talking about her ‘experiences’ she didn’t even cited relevant scriptures that can back up her claims. she hardly even looked at it. I feel she’s just using it as “props” to claim that it is “of God.”

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