9 thoughts on ““Disney World Doctrine” and other lies of a “kinda’ pastor.”

  1. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen says:

    We have a term for folks who do this. It escapes me…oh yes, it’s LIAR!!! What more proof does one need that this revival is a sham?

  2. beauty_found_in_You says:

    oh dear! this is not a funny matter! disney world doctrine? and the people are all smiles….shameful.

  3. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen says:

    From what I gather, he keeps a relatively low profile other than his videos.

  4. doreen says:

    Since he is a liar, the way he is giving the woman’s response to this question, seems like she is a very simple person who does not know the Scriptures.

    If she is questioning this, she can’t be that simple, she knows it’s wrong. So if she would accept such a ridiculous answer, she can’t be too clever.

    The man is a godless liar, and should seek employment as a bad comedian.

  5. difficultway says:

    Nathan W. Bingham:


    I guess you couldn’t expect anything different from a man who not only allows this heresy in his church among his flock but also endorses it to other pastors and flocks.

  6. beauty_found_in_You says:

    yeah,,,I know what he is saying are lies. the Holy Spirit can never lie, for He leads us into all the truth. And the devil is the father of lies, and I believe it’s the devil who teach him to lie, not the holy spirit.

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