Are you a Monergist or Synergist?

Just some food for thought for today: Are you a Monergist or a Synergist?

Some noteworthy monergists include:
John MacArthur, RC Sproul, John Piper, D. James Kennedy, Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and Martin Luther.

Noteworthy synergists include:
Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Tim Lahaye, Charles Stanley, Jerry Falwell, John Wesley, Charles Finney, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, and the Catholic church.

Not sure what a Monergist or a Synergist is? Couldn’t identify them if you met them on the street? Well then, check out the explanation by clicking here.
HT: Old Truth.

7 comments on “Are you a Monergist or Synergist?

  1. Often wondered, which was Tozer, monergist or synergist? Anyone know?

  2. I am a monergist, thank you for asking

  3. Having attended Liberty U., I agree that Falwell is a synergist as well as a blood-sucker . . .

  4. I am a monergist. I even have a website to prove it:-


  5. Tozer was a synergist I believe.

  6. Rick Warren clearly states he is a monergist.

  7. Rick Warren is clearly a synergist despite what he states. He also believes he understands how to teach the Bible and thinks Jesus would approve of his money grubbing ways and that of hischurch. I live in Lake Forest…been to his church.

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